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  1. Tribes need to be persistent across cluster. I feel like this would solve/alleviate the struggle that smalls experiences with the megas/teamers. What do you think? Is this a good idea or do you think it would cause other issues ie. not having to tribe in on every server you and your tribe travel to.
  2. Base got wiped today. 2 weeks of hard work, good tribemates and a fresh server. All easily destroyed by hackers/esp aimbotters/teamers and no response(yet again) from WildCard. I was already skeptical about ARK 2 due to the "souls-like" pvp but whats gonna stop people from abusing that just as much as they abuse open world with no repercussions from wildcard? The level of open rampant cheating on officials is just disgusting and its only getting worse and worse; even the hackers realize wildcard doesn't care which only makes them do it more.
  3. My tribe got meshed and aimbotted again. Wildcards report system is still bugged and now my entire tribe is quitting because we just cannot compete with hackers. It's insane to me that I still cannot submit a report do to there endless login cycle. Ark is getting just as bad as d2. Great game goes to poop just cause the devs don't care. At all.
  4. NA-PVP-Official-LostIsland-SmallTribes182 same thing still happening, was able to log in for 2 mins. Others were logged in as well but connection timeout disconnect for the entire server. Now nobody can get in although the server still shows up and pings. Connection Timeout everytime you try to join tho.
  5. I'm having the same issue. I believe its an issue with the server itself or an issue with nitrado. Regardless, I had the same issue for 2 hours yesterday and then it miraculously fixed itself. Was able to log in a feed tames and logged out. Tried loggin in today and the same thing is happening again. Server shows up fine. Version is current but still connection timeout and 0/70 people on server...
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