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  1. I have had the same issue w SE and when it does load it will crash for anything i tried removing some mods but nothing really is working so all i can tell you is you aren't alone
  2. Yo if you die in the map you should be able to respawn at any biome and you could upload your things to ark data via a mission terminal and then get them back from the biome you want to go to and then do whatever you want to do there then you upload your creatures by going to the tab that does it and then you upload ur things thus allowing you to slowly travel but travel to different biomes without HLN-A or you could upload ur survivor too and spawn at the new biome. hope it works
  3. Ark's first post i wish i played at the time to see this game grow
  4. The voidwyrm looks like a tek astalos btw astalos is from the monster hunter series
  5. Question when ark 2 comes out will ark 1 still get updates i hope so.
  6. What the hell is that it looks like stitch a spider and created that monstrosity that's going to haunt me.Anyways when is there going to be an update on ark on the switch the performance sucks and there isn't much to that version
  7. True but they could try to release an update to make ark on switch actually decent like the new maps the dlcs maybe Idk they could just fix the entire game and possibly make it a game on the switch that is good at least
  8. This update was one of the best updates ever btw can there be a separate news area for ark on the switch it deserves more love than it got especially since it is kinda dead and only has one map
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