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  1. How many people in the last 5 days have 1 of the follow issues? 1. Server has disappeared 2. Cannot login (failed to find server address) 3. Login to any Gen2 only to dc minutes later. 4. Has reported a server issue with no server engineer response. 5. Had active tames , babies, of base decay possible due to inactive time. 6. Server relists itself but disappeared after failed login attempt. Just a simple show of hands for Wildcard crew.
  2. Hate to sound kinda sandy but Jesus. This crap happens on half of the new content. Lagnarok, abomination, extinct. Yes I get some of the content is free but some of it isn't and people buy seasons passes to play. It's gonna be GREAT!!! poop if failed stay tuned survivors we will fix it soon...... and no community out reach or attempt to relay the causes or issue or resolution. Or Hey we got you. We will be rolling back affected serves to x amount of time prior to collapse.
  3. AND here we go again with server issues instability. On official serves not being reset or updated or outages being reported. Wild card starting to feel like fun pimps and 7 days to die
  4. Going on 2 day of issues. Oc servers aren't even listed now on official. Oc 1611 #Wildcard what the hell is going on!
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