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  1. We'll thats rather annoying and not something they used to do... I used to host these events out of season all the time with no issues. But that explains it so thank you.
  2. Let start with the fact that I am aware the official Easter event is over. I run 2 servers hosted through Host Havoc. We keep the events running 24/7 until Ark launches the next one. However I've noticed that since the official end of event that Easter is broken. Issue: No longer Spawns Bunny Dodos No longer spawns Bunny Oviraptors Still Working: Easter colored spawns This means people cannot collect eggs, cannot trade in for easter items, and can't grind chibis. I have tried: On both servers (using both event [manual & drop down] selection options) On a solo m
  3. Okay so we should be fine then. Thank you for the response.
  4. So if you come back to the 'home' map you wouldn't be in that tribe anymore? I'm trying to understand how people map hop while remaining in their tribe when they return home?
  5. I'm currently running a server through Host Havoc. Right now it's only one map however once we've gone through the storyline the plan is to have multiple maps. I'm struggling to get a straight answer about tribes however. We are just wondering if there is a way to have one tribe for all maps? My understanding is that's technically not possible but you could have a different tribe on each server with the same name. But how does your one character stay in each tribe when you travel between maps? Do you not get removed. Is this something that clustering could fix? (We currently are n
  6. So I had a quick question. I'm running a server for friends through Host Havoc. I've done some googling but can't find a conclusive answer since most posts regarding the issue end up with no conclusion. I am seeking to run an ALPHA event on my sever. One where alpha's either replace a spawned creature or just increase the spawn rate overall. I've looked into using container weight and replacement of other Dino's on our current Abberation map and just could not seem to get it running. Was wondering if anyone has actually had success in doing something of this nature and if so how?
  7. So we're you guys able to get this working? I've been trying to find a way to set up an Alpha event on my server and just can't seem to get it working. Trying to see if anyone has actually had success because most posts seem to say no or never confirm if it worked.
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