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  1. Thyla have bleed on their attack now, so depending on how long you were away it could have died to the thyla even with the saddle and health pool it had. Bleed does percentage damage to health so it the amount of health doesn't really matter, as bleed will drain away a fixed percent of hp
  2. Honestly there's very little that additional turret coverage will do to make a land base out in the open more appealing than caves. The reason caves are as defensible as they are has more to do with limiting access than it does turrets. Titanosaurs, Extinction Titans, and many other larger tames can't do much other than sit at the entrance(s) to a cave. Gigas and Rexes can only be deployed with cryopods and even then only in certain areas. Caves usually restrict flyer access as well which limits what can be done with Tek Tapes and Pt rolling. The limited space also reduces the advantage o
  3. Honestly save lag is the one issue where I give Wildcard a pass. So many people in this game can't seem to fathom that when they have pointlessly massive bases, miles of pillar spam, and 100's of dinos sitting around as lawn ornaments that somehow it might affect the time it takes to for a save to happen.
  4. The Island. West Zone 2. Gotta get that note run and pump movement speed if I want to avoid endless death loops
  5. You still have timers when using a tek transmitter on official servers and some unofficials. The timer is there to prevent uploading any items in between saves. You won't see that in single player saves since there aren't necessarily consistent saves and frankly the reasons for implementing in don't really matter there.
  6. You can sometimes get it to place pretty far sideways, if you're low enough in the map then it should project out anywhere visible
  7. Cost is all that matters and that will make the box cheaper.
  8. It's not an issue of making mana's easy to kill, it's about leaving room for other tames to compete with them. They don't come back with friends to wipe a bob that they lost to because of "fun pvp". They come back with friends and more gear because of ego. Making manas more balanced, and by balanced it's not just making them weaker but changing them or other creatures to provide adequate counters, means that anyone from a mega can't just mass breed a single super tame and head out to pick on everyone weaker than them. They would have to take on more risk each time they go out for pvp, which
  9. Simple, when you have a dino that makes it so incredibly easy for even the worst player to destroy anything, while taking on almost no risk themselves then that's what "bobs" are going face day in and day out. Nothing that you can get as a newer player can even attempt to fight it. Take a bred wyvern though just as an example, and if I'm a bob who happens to also have my own tamed wyvern I can still put up a fight. I can try to pick the other player, avoid their attacks or run away if I have to. What I posted isn't a meant to explain how to fight a mana but show how impossible it is to fight f
  10. Anyone who doesn’t understand the way mana’s have broken the game hasn’t spent much time using them, and definitely don’t know some of the more “advanced” controls for them. Mana’s aren’t just fast, they’re undoubtedly the most agile tame in game. There are multiple other dinos that can match or even outpace them in a straight line but nothing else in game can maneuver they way they do. You can cross even the largest maps in a few minutes. Go from the ground to skybox in a few quick hops. Dash at and damage a target only to be out of range seconds after you hit the ground. Combine th
  11. Wouldn't really make much of a difference. At best the AI isn't smart enough to escape from a player, so you just delay it's death. At worst you get KO'd only to have your tame take off and leave you to die. If you're fighting near a base there's a good chance your tame would just flee into turrets anyway. In pvp tames are expendable, having them run off would be more of a liability than anything.
  12. Mana's are still wildly unbalanced even if you're in a big tribe with mana lines. There's a reason why they're the go to mount in pvp. Bob's are always going to be at the bottom of the food chain, but if you can't understand how mana's break the balance of the game then you probably don't have much more experience than your average bob.
  13. in ark running and sprinting are the same thing. You either walk or run, and if you run you can't use most attacks without slowing down.
  14. @Minja I think you missed the part where Wildcard doesn’t care. At all. If they did they would have better enforced their own servers and not just implement a broken system that does almost nothing to stop meshers while constantly screwing over legitimate players. They would have actually bothered to fix any one of dozens of well known false positive locations that kill people regularly, spots that have been brought to their attention many, many times. They would have communicated with players when an update to their broken anti mesh was vaporizing anything that touched the world bor
  15. Being able to see mutations is super nice, the color regions are kinda cool, and showing proper stats are all nice. The UI is... well, kinda what I expect from ark TBH
  16. because that's the only game where you can both run and attack?
  17. You can stand on their back once tamed and punch them back down as well, I figured that since I mentioned you needed something to fly up and stand on to feed them it was implied that you would get them down the same way
  18. I always just follow them around and keep them alive while waiting for them to get stuck in midair. It sounds dumb but it's always worked, and as far as I can tell any mana that spawns will either die fighting or live long enough to get itself stuck. Keep them aggroed to you by hitting them with tranqs as much as possible and kill anything in the area to avoid the mana taking too much damage. After enough jumps it'll get stuck in the air and then its as simple as pumping it full of tranqs then flying up on a wyvern/griffin/quetz anything you can stand on really and stuffing it full of foo
  19. Just starting off I don't know if this post is going to get locked right away or not, but since this topic was brought up in this weeks community crunch so I think it's fair to discuss it. We all know by now that cheating is by far one of the biggest topics surrounding Ark, it generally doesn't get as much discussion here since most posts on the topic get locked/removed, but anyone playing Ark on officials has heard about or experienced issues with it. Several well known Ark content creators have had recent videos on the topic, and it's nice to finally hear something about the issues peop
  20. Launch was planned for what, March? It’s not generally a good sign when a studio doesn’t have anything to say about something that should be released in a month or so. Then again does anyone expect any games to launch on time anymore?
  21. Sniper is basically the default weapon in ark pvp. If you’re going to use a gun in pvp 99% of the time it’ll be the fab sniper. AR is not anywhere near as bad as most people think it is. It can actually be pretty decent, however the main issue is that using ARB for an AR vs in turrets and hit reg being as bad as it is makes it essentially pointless to use the AR in virtually any situation. Simple pistol is the poor mans sniper. Damage isn’t great but if you have decent aim it can be a solid early game sidearm and the ammo is cheap and easy to craft. The fabricated pistol is serves th
  22. The only thing you could do is try to get hired as a GM. Frankly, even if you could it wouldn’t matter. The unchecked cheating hasn’t gone ignored for this long due to a shortage of admins. The level of blatant cheating that happens on official doesn’t happen on accident.
  23. Honestly it's generally best to avoid transferring during events (at least on officials) since server crashes are way more common and frequent. If you absolutely need to transfer, only take gear that you're willing to lose because if the server you join crashes and rolls back you'll lose anything you had on you
  24. Seems anti-mesh is still working as intended. Screwing over legit players, while doing almost nothing to cut down on the exact thing it was meant to solve
  25. The only confirmed new servers will be the genesis part 2 map whenever that drops
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