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  1. raise the player weight/food/water stats by 15 instead of 10 or make the player spawn with 150 weight/food/water
  2. 17 almost 18 years old level 74 i have been playing for a few years i like to farm resources i have been in 2 alpha tribe before first one we got raided second one i stop playing so they kicked me i can play every day at any time im from east canada MrFox5428
  3. im almost 18 years old i can play everyday at any hour i have been 2 time in an alpha tribe so i know how it work
  4. I am looking for people that dont have a tribe/friend to play the purpose of this new tribe is to make friend and hopefuly one day become alpha anyone can join the more people we have, the stronger we will be be mature dont bully everyone is equal if we can get at least 5 people online every hours it would be a good start we now have nothing but everyone and everything have started from the begining official pvp ps4 MrFox5428 im curently level 71
  5. remember me? can i join back? i was tired of the game but now im starting to play again.
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