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  1. So, I have a suggestion for some kind of server setting that will change noglins' behaviour when it comes to possessing wild dinos. Even though current ability to instantly kill any wild dino is pretty op, who wouldn't like to one hit a freaking max level wild giga or low level one to initiate a respawn, but in my opinion Noglin really lacks utility in PvE because of this. I think it would be nice if we could change that for unofficial/dedicated/singleplayer so they would not kill wild dinos, instead could be used to help us lead wild dinos into traps and stun it for a few seconds (just s
  2. I found all my gear in ARK Data tab in the closest mission terminal (regular one, not Terminus one). However it was kinda bugged because now in ARK data tab I can see all my unlocked engrams. They do not take places in "data" however, just an annoyance. Also it saved my implant wich has white icon and some mod items that shouldn't be transferable, so now these items just take place in "data", so note that. All creatures should be teleported back to Terminus mission terminal.
  3. Yes, you get +5 extra levels for each difficulty (+15 for beating alpha), just like with Overseer
  4. Maybe someone already addressed some, but still here we go -Any screen visual effects no longer work after loading into any mission and back, such as TEK helmet scan, Night Vision and other effects like after eating rare mushroom. Also in Third person Astrodelphis' crosshairs no longer work in starfighter mode -Don't really know if it's intended or not, but I heard that Astrodelphis' TEK saddle damage should increase with creature melee damage stat but it appears to be not working. -Huge GPU problems during mission Terminus, yes, even at the starting area until the end. Somethin
  5. Yes... Finally.... After so many delays...
  6. Why did the Goblin turn on the stove?
  7. I wonder when gameplay trailer will drop. Very looking forward to it.
  8. Agree. I love Reapers, and R ones looks even cooler. I'm very excited for Noglin and Astrodelphis
  9. Same, doesn't work at all. Also I noticed that these option are no longer in S+ Configs table. You can try switching to Super Structures though, it still works
  10. Well, not really, because it's available on consoles which doesn't have mod support at all, so I don't understand why it's not available as DLC for Epic games version. Besides, you can consider all non-canon maps such as Ragnarok as Mods too, but they were added to Epic games version
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