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  1. TheMandalorian left Positive feedback   

    Quick trade no fuss.

    DaLord was The Seller

  2. Firenutz99 left Positive feedback   

    Quick and painless trade, dino was as advertised

    DaLord was The Seller

  3. CurtBurt left Positive feedback   

    No problems with the trade. Came to my server and met me at the ob. Good trader.

    DaLord was Trading

  4. CHAOS06660 left Positive feedback   

    trade went smoothly and well.

    DaLord was Trading

  5. At0mic109 left Negative feedback for a topic   

    Previous feedback was not intended to be positive

    DaLord was Trading

  6. At0mic109 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Survivor is spamming the boards with no information posts.

    DaLord was The Seller

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