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  1. Hi everybody, I have tried to look about this topic on the forum but could not find a similar thread. I am playing the game in single player mode, difficulty 1.0 and Max difficulty on, and "Enable Single Player Settings" turned off. I tried the alpha broodmother with the current settings with 15 or 16 imprinted and mutated (2nd generation) rexes imprinted health and atk (I believe they had around 35k health and 600-700% atk each). Far from being max lv but had no time to wait them to level further and I thought that with these stats I could have a chance. Each of them had an jou
  2. Hi Zeldei! Thank you so much for your answer! I will follow your advice. I sometimes struggle to get high lv dinos (I am playing on diff 1 with MAX DIFF on) on Island.. going to the Center might be better in your opinion?
  3. Best order to play maps and DLCs? Hi all! I have started playing Ark a couple of months ago, so far exclusively in single player and I am loving it. I am playing on the Epic Games version and have all the DLCs as well. I am positively surprised by all the variety of unique creatures and engrams that each map has to offer! I want to follow the canonical story of the game in the regular map order, however I also see that there are 4 non canonical maps that are not directly connected to the story, still I would love to raid them in between in order to get some of their unique features
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