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  1. Hi Zeldei! Thank you so much for your answer! I will follow your advice. I sometimes struggle to get high lv dinos (I am playing on diff 1 with MAX DIFF on) on Island.. going to the Center might be better in your opinion?
  2. Best order to play maps and DLCs? Hi all! I have started playing Ark a couple of months ago, so far exclusively in single player and I am loving it. I am playing on the Epic Games version and have all the DLCs as well. I am positively surprised by all the variety of unique creatures and engrams that each map has to offer! I want to follow the canonical story of the game in the regular map order, however I also see that there are 4 non canonical maps that are not directly connected to the story, still I would love to raid them in between in order to get some of their unique features a
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