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  1. No Fly Center

    Im new to PC Ark. How do i find your server and join it? Do you have a website, or is it just free to the public?
  2. Its been over a week since i sent my app in. Am i going to be responded to or allowed to resubmit an app?
  3. Ark xbox one 24/7 rp pvp faction war!

    Having trouble joining the server
  4. Im looking for either a no rules pvp server, or a roleplay server i can play on. Preferably well populated servers.
  5. The Center Roleplay 24/7 Xbox

    Do i need to apply?
  6. What if ive never watched got but want to roleplay?
  7. Ark xbox one 24/7 rp pvp faction war!

    What country is this server based out of?
  8. Ark xbox one 24/7 rp pvp faction war!

    MERCY01FREE Im quite interested in this server. Had a similar idea my self. I would like to join.
  9. Would like to play on a roleplay server for scorched earth. Im specifically looking for more of a strict server as well. I feel it has a very good environment for roleplay.
  10. Whens the server coming back? Its been down for days.
  11. Already have about 5 of us useing this app. Makes things a lot easier because you dont need to type so much. Also allows for people to get to know one another.
  12. Game crash

    Interesting. I do hope they fix it. Just to reiterate, my whole game crashes and send me to the dashboard. Happend 6 times as of now.