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  1. This is on PC version, but I have a question if anyone can help. I run a cluster server for a few people. and occasionally the maps that no one plays on, on a regular basis completely reset and I have no idea why. For instance. about 2-3 weeks ago I went to the Genesis map, built a bronto platform base in the swamp and had been using it as a kind of outpost on Genesis. I also had a small outpost built in the lava biome and a raft in the Ocean. The last time I was there was about 2-3 weeks ago. But when I transfer to Genesis now, everything is gone. the map is completely fresh as if no one had
  2. Come join a virtually unpopulated experience. Take up residence on the map of your choosing and hop between maps at will with your same character, same loadout etc. Can even farm for artifacts from multiple different maps if wanted! A fresh Cluster experience in which we want to get a great community of players engaged and populating all places. Mainly a PvE environment on PvP maps. Cluster includes: The Island- The Center- Scorched Earth- Ragnarok- Aberration-
  3. I was getting ready to raise my first Reaper ever and I Just had a question or 2 from people who have done it. I know the whole process of getting pregnant, and the glands, etc... My question is: 1. Can you give birth to a reaper Queen? or is there a way to obtain a Queen? or do you ONLY give birth to Kings? My second Question 2: is, since I am on a cluster, when I get pregnant, can I travel to another map to finish the birthing? I have a large hatchery place on The Island and was wondering if I can get pregnant, then go back to the island and kill all my egg babies for XP? or does x
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