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  1. Well regardless they still dont respawn and i recreated my results in the video today going further like you suggested. I started a new game. mined the node. flew to the green obelisk and logged out. Came back in waited 12 in game hours (way over the 5 it respawns) and it never came back. I feel quite confident calling this a bug as the node DOES NOT COME BACK. this is repeatable across the entire map and will eventually lead to zero nodes. There is a log of previous WC statements in regards to this, including one from the community manager at the time all out stating that it was in
  2. I just made the above video. If you follow it and metal comes back I will be astounded. This is for PC. It would be amazing since everyone get the same version through the steam pipeline, and again no mods, and the only thing i launch ark with is -nobattleeye If a couple other PC people can try this, and post your results I would be quite grateful. If you have the metal/or resource to instant pop this will not work, and does not show what i'm trying to prove. I set the respawn to 0.10 which is 5hrs in game and gives you time to pick a node and leave the area before it respawns
  3. It's Def an issue on the PC and the Island map. Again as stated above it's 100% repeatable. Start a new map, harvest a node, leave the area and quit (before it spawns back)
  4. You are 100% mistaken my friend. launching the game with -preventhibernation does not stop this from happening. If you believe otherwise i encourage you to do the following; start a new world. mine node. logout. slomo 99 and wait for eternity because it's never coming back. While i believe i tried this in the past, i did exactly that before replying just to make sure they didn't "fix" it.
  5. SO there must only be about six of us playing single player that want this fixed. It's no wonder WC never fixes anything.
  6. For the last threeish years anyone wishing to play on single player found out (after spending countless hours) that if they mined a resource (metal, stone, etc) and either logged out, or crashed before it re-spawned that it would never come back. The alternative is to set the resource respawn to 0.0 so it instantly re-pops to avoid this, but in doing so hopelessly outbalances the game as you give yourself unlimited instant resources this way and alternatively you can't obviously keep track of what you mined and when so you don't over do it. I myself have put in 8 separate support tickets
  7. I may one day go back and do it on beta/alpha but i was so frustrated with the entire experience i ended up just doing it solo with a tek suit and shotgun. I think the fact that WC listens to absolutely ZERO feedback on improving the game is just as frustrating as the things in the game which dont work right.
  8. Well thanks for the reply! Maybe one day WC will actually fix these, but im not holding my breath.
  9. Is there a timeout for the wayward dinos that get stuck where it will just advance to the next stage? Or do I have to go out and try to find them and risk it de-spawning?
  10. So what is the deal with orbital drops? I just tried my first one and had dinos stuck somewhere and not show up so after a few minutes i go out looking for them in a radius around the drop, then come back to find the orbital drop just disappeared wasting fifteen minutes for me. Is this how all the drops are?
  11. This was for aberration not extinction.
  12. So I just beat Rockwell on Gamma. According to the wiki he is supposed to drop a few items like the flag and trophy is it wrong? I didn't get anything from killing him and if I had gotten it then it gets lost during ascension. I only killed him on Gamma and it did unlock the tek sleeping pod, but was hoping to get the trophy/flag for it. Thanks!
  13. I had bred 20 rexes for the bosses and ascension. Thankfully they got used during the bosses so they weren't a waste. The Sad part is I was never able to get the rexxes in the tek cave and ended up doing the glider through the cave, and the tek suit shooting the overseer on Gamma without tames so I could ascend. WC seriously needs to hire a qc manager and force them to play the game through to see how frustratingly broken it is in places. Leaving a lot of the stuff broken in the game (single player resource respawns, argies walking off, etc) speak volume on the WC culture of lack of quali
  14. Thanks for the reply, if S+ lets you build outside the TEK cave I will probably look into it. I've been trying not to rely to much on it since Cedric onboarded to WC and doesn't have much time to keep it updated.
  15. So all these views and only one reply? Does no one else play this SP, or is no one able to get them into the cave and through in time?
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