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  1. Leeches have been around since the Silurian period. However, I see where you are coming from. They could easily just replace the time period on the dossier to fix that.
  2. There is already an overabundance of dinosaurs in this game. I can't believe I'm saying this because I like dinosaurs so much but there are more than enough with released and incoming ones. The leech the salmon prove they're starting to flesh out the ecosystems of the island and provide more immersion into those areas. These little guys that are interactable are more important than just ambient effects.
  3. That is an awesome addition to the game. I will be annoyed by it. However, it will add a new and welcoming change along with new mechanics.
  4. I am happy they are adding this guy. I personally think they need to add more small fish or other small aquatic animals to give the ocean and rivers diversity. The land is crowded and the same can be said for big ocean animals. The game is still lacking small to medium fish or other aquatic animals so much so that I hope that most of the final dossiers will be aquatic. With maybe one or two new flyiers.
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