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  1. Virtue signaling is detrimental to businesses. Why have they not figured this out yet? Or maybe they have and they just don't care. Picking a side politically alienates roughly half of your customer base. In doing so, you're making about 50% cheer and applaud while causing the other half to serious reconsider giving you their money because in doing so, they may be financially supporting causes they abhor. And you divide the community you've worked hard to build. It's hard for me to even look forward to playing the Ark DLCs I've already purchased.... forget about purchasing any more. Unless Wildcard rethinks their actions and acknowledges their mistake, there is no Ark 2 for me. I've also had to unsubscribe from Syntac. He came out swinging for Wildcard on Twitter, telling people who question Wildcard's decision to "shut your mouth" and "get back to your corner"... The guy is in Ireland talking crap about America and Americans regarding an American issue he clearly knows nothing about. And in the end, the actions of these foolish actors will have changed nobody's mind.
  2. Prohibition of abortion? Absolutely. I value life and never think it's right to kill a child for any reason. But my opinion doesn't matter and shouldn't really be here. The only reason its here is because Wildcard decided to make it an important part of their online community. I'm going to just assume you're not referring to alcohol, because that would be too silly to warrant a response.
  3. I never understood the idea that abortion should be permitted so as to prevent "back alley abortions"... aka the use of metal coat hangers. You don't stop unwanted actions by taking away the negative consequences of those actions. If you are so against controlling yourself sexually to the point where you're willing to endanger your own life just to kill the child within you, then I don't see why anyone should stand in your way. A few years of that and the problem will solve itself naturally. A few years of forcing pregnant women to carry to term might just be all that's needed to change how people view intercourse. It might even make it more meaningful than the mindless transaction it has become.
  4. I personally don't even agree with the .1% of cases. It all depends on where you put value on life. It used to be that childbirth was considered a miracle. It was never something to be avoided. Only when we in western society became selfish and 100% wrapped up in our selves, our own wants and desires, did having children become a disease that should be avoided. Go rob a liquor store, get shot or arrested, deal with the consequences. Go overdose on drugs, get hospitalized or worse, deal with the consequences. Go pick a fight with a dude twice your body mass in muscle and painfully deal with the consequences. Go hook up with whomever you want, whenever you want, you get to murder your consequences because you shouldn't have to be responsible for your actions? Yes, 99.9%+ that's what we're arguing about. The remaining .1% isn't even worth mentioning unless we agree to ban all cases other than those .1%. Then we can have that harder conversation.
  5. They don't seem to care about the healthcare of the female inside of them they're killing. Why is it that they are all about choice except for making the right choice to prevent pregnancy in the first place? Why is the answer always have to be "clean up my mess"? You were irresponsible (99.9% of abortions are not what 99.99% of arguments in favor of abortion are about). Put the pain where it belongs.... not on the life you created inside you. And if our society is considered WHITE MALE PATRIARCHY for having that stance, then so be it... because WHITE MALE PATRIARCHY then appears to on the side of right.
  6. Exactly. This is why people like Elon Musk keep saying "I didn't leave the left... the left left me." You used to be able to disagree with people and still love them, be friends, enjoy their company regardless of opposing views. Now, if a company like Wildcard doesn't virtue signal, they'll lose the support of a VERY SMALL NUMBER of VERY LOUD people (usually those with pink or blue hair). It's sad, really.
  7. The problem with Game Studios being so political is it makes players like me, who firmly disagree with their stances, not want to buy their games anymore knowing that my money is going to help fund causes I abhor. With politics, especially today, it's an "us or them" mentality. When Wildcard makes posts like this, to people like me, Wildcard is positioning themselves as my opponent. How can I financially support my opponent? The abortion debate is a long and tired one. Nobody will be convinced to change their mind, especially by a trivial thing such as a game developer. Wildcard is abusing their lines of communications to their customers/community. Now, most of us see Ark 2 as dead on arrival already anyway... this just helps seal the deal. I can't hand money over to a political rival. Good going.
  8. So how does this work with WC? Exactly how many more chances do they get to "make it better next time" before folks (paying customers) who show their frustration about it aren't met with attacks from others? Remember... the problem isn't that WC delayed once... or twice... or three times.... or four times... it's that WC has never made a date, has delayed many times on single projects, and have seemingly done nothing to improve. They just ask folks (paying customers, some of who [for some strange reason that's foreign to me] like to take off work to play the release) to "bear with" them. There is certainly a "fool me once" lesson here. But it's hard to fault people for wanting to be pleasantly surprised for once
  9. Well... they are using UE4 and Blueprints... it's kind of made more for artists than developers. So, you're probably right.
  10. Anyone want to take bets that they don't make the 8AM Eastern time and have to push back a couple more hours?
  11. The only timezone that matters...... HIS! I will say though that to wait until late in the day to launch something is rather cruel. But so is delaying a release and announcing it a day or two before the original intended release date. WC is no stranger to being cruel.... they have mastered the art of string pulling at the cost of a few irate players here and there.
  12. I might die laughing if it gets delayed again... and once revived, come back here with some popcorn to enjoy to collective freak out and rage quits. It would be..... epic
  13. You know... all of you complaining about breeding rates could pony up a few bucks and setup your own dedicated server where you rein supreme and get to pick your own rates for everything! I have a feeling you're gonna NOT do that and come back here to whine some more
  14. "Going ahead as normal" means another delay... just fyi
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