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  1. So how does this work with WC? Exactly how many more chances do they get to "make it better next time" before folks (paying customers) who show their frustration about it aren't met with attacks from others? Remember... the problem isn't that WC delayed once... or twice... or three times.... or four times... it's that WC has never made a date, has delayed many times on single projects, and have seemingly done nothing to improve. They just ask folks (paying customers, some of who [for some strange reason that's foreign to me] like to take off work to play the release) to "bear with" them.
  2. Well... they are using UE4 and Blueprints... it's kind of made more for artists than developers. So, you're probably right.
  3. Anyone want to take bets that they don't make the 8AM Eastern time and have to push back a couple more hours?
  4. The only timezone that matters...... HIS! I will say though that to wait until late in the day to launch something is rather cruel. But so is delaying a release and announcing it a day or two before the original intended release date. WC is no stranger to being cruel.... they have mastered the art of string pulling at the cost of a few irate players here and there.
  5. I might die laughing if it gets delayed again... and once revived, come back here with some popcorn to enjoy to collective freak out and rage quits. It would be..... epic
  6. You know... all of you complaining about breeding rates could pony up a few bucks and setup your own dedicated server where you rein supreme and get to pick your own rates for everything! I have a feeling you're gonna NOT do that and come back here to whine some more
  7. "Going ahead as normal" means another delay... just fyi
  8. If people want to change the fact that black men are disproportionately killed in altercations with Police, they should probably work on changing the fact that black men disproportionately commit violent crimes according to their percentage of population... and those violent crimes are disproportionately committed against others in the black community... BLM is a political agenda - it's a way to keep a voter base angry and voting against conservatives. True equality is equal opportunity, not equal outcome. If you actually care about your racial community, you should heed the words of Denz
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