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  1. Hey thanks for telling me! I appreciate the insight! I completely thought wrong. Im about to go fight the Gamma Broodmom as I write this
  2. Today in ark I've decided to finally prepare for taking out the gamma bosses at last. Have some great rexes, but stopped at 5/40 health mutations for now and decided to just wing it since it's only the Gammas. Took me about 3 days to breed and grow Rexes in total, and now I'm just doing the artifacts. Once the artifacts are complete will go and hit the Broodmother first. Will most likely skip dragon for now, till i get saddles most likely. I REALLY WANT TO EXPLORE THE OCEAN and farm rex saddle BPs down there. Dead island farming is not working out too well for me. Wish me luck FOLKS! ❤️
  3. Currently starting my Rex breeds for boss fights. Got extremely good stats for most rexes I tamed. 1 Female 10,500 Health, 1 Female 2300 stamina, 1 male with 401% dmg. I havent decided if I want to do mutations right now as it'll take an extreme amount of time investment. Will probably just take well leveled Rexes for the gamma fights and save the base rexes on cryo so i can breed more If i want to.
  4. Oh nice! Thanks! I didn't know the math surrounding growth and imprint timer. Really helpful!
  5. Completely random response, but I have mine very close to yours. I'll try your settings, seems like yours is a teeny bit faster than mine. I have my growth at 50 and interval at .023
  6. Still doing snow biome, and lucked out on a 150 Allosaurus. Guess what? Crap health, but 391% melee. Im pretty happy with that, it's a female as well! Now need a male to tame and hopefully lucks out on a higher health stat.
  7. LOL if this actually happened, you might be the unluckiest survivor out there in the wilds ?
  8. Tamed a pair of Yutyrannuses today, one got 340% melee, and the other poop stats lol. Preparing that Extraordinary kibbles so i could easily tame more dinos. While looking for Yutyrannus along the way, I got an amazing Ascendant Allo saddle. I also found another hated creature, freakin Purlovia. While i was running around with my Thyla in that snow biome, I died twice because i got clipped by them while being chased by wolf packs. Good thing my thyla's strong enough to take care of them while I went my way back. That Yuty adventure was stressful, but FUN!
  9. Hey! I got it from the loot drops in there. It could net you good gear since it constantly drops purple-red loot drops in there. Cave drop also has a chance for you to net a good loot from that as well. I got purples only though on my cave, really unlucky. All my good ones came from the abundant loot drops coming from the sky in carno island. Also if there's no drops coming down on the island itself for a while, pay attention to the other spots across you. Yellows and reds constantly spawn as well on the snow biome near there and the forest area just south of carno. I only play single player so I haven't had anyone take the loot. As for the Rex, it might've. I looked around the whole carno island but couldnt find him anymore EDIT: I use vanilla btw so i dont really have mods on my playthrough. Spyglass+ seems fun tho.
  10. My hours of farming Carno island finally payed off. Got an amazing Ascendant Longneck blueprint, now all I need is to craft it. Also saw 150 Rex and managed to put it in my taming pen there, however i didn't have my taming stuff so i had to return to my small established base about 5-6 mins away from Carno. Took me about 20 mins to get my stuff and return. When I arrived to where I placed him, he's not there anymore Might've died. I really wanted to tame him too.
  11. Today I got another high level Rex at Carno island. Was having fun farming the island for a good bit and got lucky on a 145 Rex. I decided to bring it home and build a big raft made of stone to snuck him in there. I thought things were going as planned, well until I got attacked.... AGAIN. I didn't know this creatures existed and now im reminded of them, LEEDSICHTHYS. I knew i was in trouble when i was seeing big damage numbers on the raft that i built, so i tried as hard as i could to get as close to land as possible and it worked out for me somehow. 200+ hrs in and I still don't know that there are creatures like this in the game lol.
  12. Today was such a great day on the island. Was able to finally craft the chemistry bench and industrial cooker. However all of that was overshadowed by despair... While i was flying on my Argentavis a rare sighting... UNICORN. It was all perfect timing i could bring it to my argentavis' claws and bring it to my home taming pen. As I put it down, I missed so i had to return and bring it back (keep in mind i also have my first otter tame on the beak of my argent. 2 for 1). I turned and went to take it on my claws again, and finally i was able to shoot it on my taming pen. Little did I know... DESPAIR was approaching... As i turned a pack of 4 raptors came sprinting... I tried to stop them but they were too many. Two of them managed to get up the ramp and into the taming pen were the unicorn was trapped.. I tried to help it with all my might but to no avail. Due to the ongoing chaos I dropped the Otter and he got munched on by the raptors... As I realized what had just happened, only one feeling came cruising over my body... RAGE At this moment I never felt bloodlust so powerful that even in death of the raptors, I was hitting air just to prove not a speck of them was left. From this day forth, every raptor I come across... MUST DIE EDIT: I love Ark so much lol, here's the 2 Otters I tamed right after all that happened. Tit for Tat I guess.
  13. Just tamed my first Rex, took me about 3 hrs to find a fairly good leveled one, which was 135. Only, his stats wasn't as good. RIP
  14. Today a few hours of gathering materials to build Behemoth gates in my fortress. Starting plans to tame bigger Dinos like Rexes and Allosauruses now since I really want powerful Dinos in my arsenal. After that, I haven't decided yet.
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