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  1. LF Join me on XBOX Official Ragnarok Hi there, level 72 solo player who plays on OC Ragnarok 111 i have 10 tames, 600 metal ingot, 400 Cementing Paste. Located in the desert. Looking for people to join me. Discord: CaptanAmericano#9467
  2. LF: XBOX OFFICIAL TRIBE I play almost every day and do meaningless grinding. Let me join your tribe and help flourish. I’m very honest and smoke weed and like to have a good time. Please throw me a bone, I’m not a scrub. My biggest enemy is lag GT: CaptanAm3ricano Discord: CaptanAmericano#9467
  3. I am looking for a purpose I log on to Official Xbox and do meaningless grinding almost every day. Have a small tribe but know I’ll never amount to anything, they kinda suck too. I am looking for a home, where I can grind all day, and simply have a place to rest my head to be honest. Just wanna wake up to a base. I’m smart and I can help. I have all DLC besides Gensis. Thank you gods Edit: GT: CaptanAm3ricano Discord: CaptanAmericano#9467
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