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  1. High level tames should be allowed in crypods. I was gifted a high level Rex by a generous player in the server NA-PVE-XboxOfficial-TheIsland189 - (v799.18) on 06/13/2020. I put the tame in cryopod to planned to release it in my base. I took it first to test out it's melee and the message "Cannot deploy - <<Failed Spawn>>" appears in red at the top of the screen. No one had heard of this before until one knowledgeable player stated tames over level 450 cannot be released from pods once frozen. I am so sad that I lost this gift. It sits in the cryo fridge unusable. I tried other pods with lower level tames and no problem. I love this game and it's challenges but this is just unfair to players. You need to fix this issue, or put a level cap on so this doesn't happen again. I have friends who helped replace it but htat's the point as other players may not be so fortunate. Thanks for your time and I DO really enjoy this game. -TheArmyJams
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