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  1. Welcome to ark buddy. wait till your first 1000k kiddo then you'll begin to understand
  2. welp there goes my friday night speculations
  3. use a mek and a person with a charge lantern if you don't have another person throw it on the ground and keep that reaper in the area of it make sure to use a good mek not some prim you made
  4. they are nonexistent in base game just charge ur batteries
  5. maybe don't drop it in murdermurdersnow next year
  6. well they put all there cards on their table with gene 1 so don't assume but, I hope they learned and kept some secrets (Also I am super hype for the mini mek I hope its tameable and ridable along with the new drones (maybe like riding wyverns on ci))
  7. So, I'm guessing the maewing will 1. act like the s+ nanny 2. be able to steal baby creatures (probs not anything after juvenile if we're acting on logic) overall good dino the side nips are weird but make sense
  8. yeah as said extinction already can rack ele easily and we have gatchas for off extinction giving 6 is a great idea! while we're around the subject how about making them act like city terminals as you can transfer off them? (its a real pain when your say, wiped and need to transfer off)
  9. yeah i'm all for inclusiveness as long as it doesn't take over other things a shorter standing torch or maybe a skin for the charge lantern would be good
  10. yeah shared ownership or some method of voting out an owner if the vote is unanimous would be good
  11. yeah a method of unlocking skin in a different crafting station (a cooking pot doesn't really even make sense) and then being able to craft it whenever you want (provided you previously unlocked it) almost like hairstyles sounds like a good idea. Also you're right keep on-topic
  12. as are BS as gene doesn't have any flyers they are a necessity and are just a pain to tame
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