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  1. Ah yes the most fearsome task that only the brave and lifeless can withstand, Gardening
  2. I think its genesis p1 crates since there's no hexagons this time
  3. it going to line up with the launch of ark 2 of course!
  4. I understand you but at this point you have to look to the saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" Wildcard is notorious at this point for pushing back their dlcs because you have to know that ark is a big game and that they need their time to not just develop but write, think, draw, model, texture, and implement everything (not to mention balance when they do its hard with all the moving parts). would you rather have the unfinished thing that they most likely still need to test? Please just be patient and let them make the game especially since this is our big finale to our 6 year saga and they need to pull it big
  5. I was eyeing the calendar being like "they do know they got a month left?" so yeah I was expecting this push back its ark. Its wild card and as long as this is the epic finally i was promised I'd wait till 2022, Also MECH WYVERN MECH WYVERN BOTTOM TEXT
  6. welp there goes my friday night speculations
  7. maybe don't drop it in murdermurdersnow next year
  8. well they put all there cards on their table with gene 1 so don't assume but, I hope they learned and kept some secrets (Also I am super hype for the mini mek I hope its tameable and ridable along with the new drones (maybe like riding wyverns on ci))
  9. So, I'm guessing the maewing will 1. act like the s+ nanny 2. be able to steal baby creatures (probs not anything after juvenile if we're acting on logic) overall good dino the side nips are weird but make sense
  10. as are BS as gene doesn't have any flyers they are a necessity and are just a pain to tame
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