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  1. Just been finding loot lately, from the easy underwater cave and the Swamp Cave. I actually got a 240 armor, mastercraft, great durability flak leggings blueprint. Most has been kind of trash, but this was a lucky exception. I also got an ascendant quetzal saddle, which sounds good, but only had 59.4 armor. Still, a premade saddle is nice, and it's not like I have better. I wish I had a quetzal to put it on.

    I also added a painting to my base, hopefully the first of many, I'm thinking of putting them all over. I downloaded the template off of arktemplates.com, and I kind of like it. I also gave my weight argent a nice paint job, which I also came from there.

    This search has been a bit dull, but the thrill of spotting a red or yellow drop never gets old. The underwater cave is also really pretty. By the end of the week, I'll hopefully have the saddle I'm searching for. 

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  2. The past few days, I've done a lot, with both The Island and on the non-stories. For my first char, I've been running the Swamp Cave and easy underwater cave over and over. I want to get a good rex/theri saddle BP, so I can start a new boss army.

    I was nervous to start the easy cave, but with a basilosaurus, it's no sweat. I've gotten a LOT of loot. Some of the highlights include, a journeyman megalosaurus saddle blueprint with seventy-something armor (useless on this map, but when I make it to Aberration, it'll be amazingly helpful), a journeyman compound bow, a mastercraft longneck blueprint (I have the metal to make it, but I'm holding off, since I think I could find better), and a journeyman pump shotgun blueprint. Very good!

    I actually nearly died and lost my basi in the underwater cave, even though it's not too hard normally. I had dismounted and walked onto a land portion to grab some loot, when several electrophorus that had been hiding attacked. The zapping drained about half my measly human health. I whistled my basi neutral in panic. I then watched ARK's terrible AI send my basi swimming around pathetically. She got some hits in on them, but they were doing a lot of damage. I whistled follow as my basi disappeared. The fight was getting bad and shark had gotten involved. My basi had killed a few of the original swarm, but my basilosaurus was in real danger. Finally, I got her to come to me. I managed to mount and kill them all. She lost close to a quarter of her health in what would have been an easy fight. All's well that ends well.

    I'll just keep up the loot farming until I get the right saddle blueprint. Finding a rex or therizino is also a priority. I've found a high-level theri, but it was male, which I already have. ARK's just been mocking me with rexes. Since I tamed my high-level female, I've found no less than four high-level rexes, but they were all female as well.

    On the non-stories (just Rag lately) I had some fun at the wyvern trench. I found a 170 poison egg, and my crystal wyvern let me leave the regulars behind. Unfortunately, I got greedy. I stole another egg (95 lightning, just stole it to clear spawns). I landed to rest, not realizing there was a wyvern in render. It was fire and it burned away a ton of health. I fled, but I was too slow thanks to the two eggs. I knew we couldn't both make it out. I dismounted and jumped into the water, while my mount was killed. She was low-level, but it was still sad. I began to try to head home on foot, but ended up dying to hyenadons. Probably for the best, walking the whole way would have been borderline impossible.

    I also tamed a new thylacoleo there, since my old one had died in a transfer. I used cooked mutton and went to the savannah. I chose a 135 male, who tamed up easily. Now I have thyla power again! 

    With so much going on with both, I don't know if I should choose The Island or non-stories for today.

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  3. 6 hours ago, PIRATE420 said:

    Wildcard only knows how to break their game, and no clue how to fix it, screw the tlc and stop the dumb fan art no one cares about it, FIX the game so much gone with it, its not funny, but you bring us this worthless content. But why fix it people will still play, and pay for it. Its sad Wildcard doesn't care about the players.


    and your a toll

    They're a toll? How terrible!

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  4. Today and yesterday I played on Ragnarok. I want to go back to The Island soon, but my current plans for over there involve a lot of grinding that I wasn't ready for yet. Yesterday, I farmed up some metal and polymer, not a ton of either, and got some incredibly easy loot from the iceworm cave. There's so much easy loot you can get without actually fighting iceworms! The only real work is luring away bears, which is still nothing.

    Today, I tamed a level 150 sabertooth that had event colors (all the way from the birthday event, since back in my heyday of Ragnarok that event was going on). Sabers aren't the best (though as a strong sabertooth loyalist, I'll always say they're every bit as good as direwolves), but this one is an awesome red and green one. I also had a ramshackle saddle on a lower level one, so my new one will have to get that soon. Then towards the end, I got more cave loot, including a journeyman longneck blueprint. Not bad!

  5. On 9/27/2020 at 6:46 AM, slejo said:

    Maybe you re right.
    It would depend on how dismounting prevent will work with tentacle electroshocking. Enemy dismount prevention maybe just work against purlovia, raptor or thyla.
    If it will prevent from tentacles electro drop, it will be OP for Rockwell.. but notice - Master Controller too. 

    AAND i hope it will affect TEK STEGO too

    Overseer too, if it does prevent boss dismounting. I'm curious how much the abilities will affect health and damage. Since they can eat veggie cakes, I feel like they could become the new boss meta. What does everyone think?

  6. Today I went to the Swamp Cave with a megatheirium. Now for once, it wasn't to level it up, but to just look for loot. Two red drops and a blue drop yielded some not great stuff. I had time to play a bit more, but didn't feel like more of The Island. Instead, I went to play more with my other character. For anyone who doesn't know, that character lost everything in a transfer (I should have made a backup first) and I was really annoyed and stopped playing with it for a while. I use him to play on the non-story ARKs, since I don't want to mix story and non-story.

    I made some new armor (just plain hide), a new pick, a hatchet, a spyglass, and crossbow. This all happened on The Center. It's pretty dangerous there, and I have to be careful. The challenge of having to rebuild from such a rough patch is fun though, I'll admit. I think I might go to Ragnarok tomorrow, and I'll be sure to make a backup of the map first. 

    Edit: Do I want to backup the map I'm leaving or going to?

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  7. I didn't do much, but I added some paintings (just stuck my RL initials on them, didn't make them into anything much) and an alpha rex trophy to my base. Still working on the upgrades. Tommorrow I might take a break from them and do the Swamp Cave or something.

  8. After killing my first boss, I'd already accepted that anything else would be an anticlimax. I did do a lot of work on the base, including adding three trophy wall mounts and fixing some of my badly aligned things. I have the broodmother trophy in the left wall mount (though I'm sure I'll replace it with beta and someday alpha), the right is for the megapithicus when I kill that, and the center is for the dragon, again when I eventually kill it. 

    Having a good weight megatheirium (one of the boss crew actually, even when not levled at all it's really good) made the process fairly easy. I also tried to tame a megalainia (I need to fight the broodmother at least twice more, and the Lava Cave is terrifying to do by normal means), but I couldn't find any.

    My daeodon handled well in the nearby easy cave while we searched for megalainia (he's done it before and has been leveled up a lot), and he has a sixty-something armor saddle.

    I'm wondering, with his saddle, good food stat, and good health, could he be the extra something I need to do the boss on alpha? If I loaded him with meat and basic kibble, the healing might be enough to keep my army alive. But for that I'd also want a yuty, and I can only ride one, so the other would have to be ignoring group whistles and tanking occasional hits. I haven't thought out the plan to much though, and a better saddle blueprint for the megatheirium would still probably be needed.

    When I didn't find megalainia, I attempted to do the Lava Cave with my dire wolf. I chickened out after not long, I also couldn't remember which way to go. So then it was just more construction work. I really like the direction my base is going, and I have a plan for a huge extended area. The best way to describe it would be a balcony, but it's not really that either. Whatever it is, I think I'll put the tek replicator there when I make it. 

    I'm also adding separate rooms, rather than just one big enclosed area. While I don't use mods (I want to share the pain of console players/official players), at times like this, I wish I did. Not just because S+ is great in general, but because inner and outer walls match in S+. Without it, my inner walls that are also outer ones don't match the other inner ones. Did that make any sense? 😅

    Anyway, I'll mark this off as a good, productive day. 

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  9. YES! I have finally done it! The gamma broodmother lays defeated. It took weeks of grinding, but I have succeeded! Over the last week, I finnished leveling, tamed a new argent (really pretty white one, thinking of making it primarily for carrying weight), got a bunch of metal, and tried to find a yuty (couldn't find a good one, settled on a 108 I already have tamed). I brought the artifacts to the obelisk and put them in, very nervous. 

    I shouldn't have been. We absolutely SHREDDED that spider. Most only lost 1k or 2k health, the only one I saw that lost more was an unlucky one who lost around 4k. Now I have ten beautiful element, the tek replicator unlocked, and a flag and trophy. I am certain we can do beta (possibly with a loss or two) and still scared to do alpha.

    I don't know what's next, but the overseer fight feels way closer now.

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