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  1. they wont fix this poop game been so many years until they gave a raptor about meshing and still doing raptor all for it every since ive been on ps4 my poop crashes
  2. cant do F*ck all without moving/doing ANYTHING without constant Disconnection or Game Crashing(160Mbps Down - 15Mbps Up for the people who are going to say its internet issue) how does minecraft go from Phone to PS3-PS5 and not crash as much as ark unplayable
  3. after event came out i went to lunar to see what tek dinos are out there and now NO tek dinos are there anymore they're all plain reg Rexs, Stegos, Trikes etc
  4. 3. Visual Glitch: Feeding trough's "Show Visible Area" are always on when they are turned off. relog or re-enter render distance. kinda annoying
  5. 1. Light-Pets not working on abb: Since a month or so ago I've been deep in abb where the nameless spawns and I've been noticing that they still come out and attack while the Light-Pet is turned on(it's a 50/50 chance if it gives the buff to kill the reaper/nameless quicker) 2. Audio Glitch & Earrape on Genesis: Every since genesis has been out, if a magma would shoot a fire-ball it would distortion and Unicorn your ears and break your headset. Another audio problem is when doing anything the audio would cut out for a few seconds and couldnt hear anything. (I've tri
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