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  1. as a group of over 50 people from gen2 930 we really really want to get moving with chineese tribes , this is EU server and half of it is Chineese which roughlt claims 85% of land then does not a thing with it and blocks other players bases by building around them or pillaring ore zones spawn... we really want you to do something about this because its unplayable like this, also the servers are all time overloaded with them so EU players cannot play on their regional servers ! , also there is a bug that doesnt let any EU into server when its for example 62/70 but from logs on battlemetrics ch
  2. waited so long now prolonged... atleast launch the trailer or some new info at 26th the previous date, and please do not delay
  3. pls do something with these lags its unplayable - player of ark 709
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