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  1. When placing on a dermis they look like abb reapers with total other colours.
  2. Gonna fix the gen 2 servers also before event starts?
  3. Ye its really weird.. maybe cause of the lagg and dc event gave a bug to boss fights tho
  4. Something wrong with bossfight.. we tried to do crystal isles alpha boss yesterday with 2 friends of us.. we were with 4 of us and our tames. Tamed and me where only tp to the boss area. And the other 3 people where still on the ob. so there is a change u are on your own. Last week when we did the center boss with the same people there was nothing wrong..
  5. Yup alot of people i think. enjoy your day hopefully the event will be on when your free haha
  6. Update in 15 min server message just showed
  7. Haha yeah well there's always something wrong and it always takes hours instead of moments lol .. 8 hours further then the official time it should be on and theres still no event ... Now an hour ago that post and still no event lol
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