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  1. Seems I can exit to main now with my XB1X. I’m happy. Now to see if I can get on extinction without being DCd in wave 4 on my first ever OSD. Not being able to reconnect with my passive set wyvern was very stressful. Funny that this game causes me stress when I play to unwind. Thanks for fixing what you can. I do appreciate it very much. EDIT: Logged into extinction, looked around, went back to my shack so I could grab a bite and when exiting to main I got booted to xb home screen. I was able to leave Ragnarok and go to Extinction without trouble. Unsure if this is helpful
  2. Exact same issue after the update on the 21st (or was it the 22nd?). I play On a couple of servers and it gets slightly annoying however I know that my ark session is fresh. ?
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