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  1. Seems I can exit to main now with my XB1X. I’m happy. Now to see if I can get on extinction without being DCd in wave 4 on my first ever OSD. Not being able to reconnect with my passive set wyvern was very stressful. Funny that this game causes me stress when I play to unwind. Thanks for fixing what you can. I do appreciate it very much. EDIT: Logged into extinction, looked around, went back to my shack so I could grab a bite and when exiting to main I got booted to xb home screen. I was able to leave Ragnarok and go to Extinction without trouble. Unsure if this is helpful at all. I rock a XB1X and this is obviously after today’s download. Hope you can find some relief soon.
  2. Exact same issue after the update on the 21st (or was it the 22nd?). I play On a couple of servers and it gets slightly annoying however I know that my ark session is fresh.
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