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  1. I just got the xobx x and its like a new game, runs so much better and looks amazing, still get the occasional stutter but then even the top end pcs have that
  2. A big help to reduce lag is to turn off day cycle, sucks that it stays on the same time now but my game doesnt lag as much
  3. After all this time, supported both PC and Xbox since Alpha, given them so much time to sort out the play of this game, yet it still plays like its in Alpha, constant micro stutters, specially when your away from the shoreline (trees all round) panning becomes horrid, constant 1 second pauses when getting on/off the dinos, or going into the inventory, i keep putting this game down for months at a time hoping i will come back to it to find its playing better, but if anything i feel its getting worse, Ive done 2 clean installs, have the game running on a external HDD, ive got a after market cooling device fitted to my xbox, new character, new save, yet it plays like ive got 1 million items placed or in a hugely built up area online, Sad thing is i play single player with no builds done apart from 1 raft built up...
  4. Still waiting, how much longer do we have to wait for this to get sorted ?
  5. Uh ? are you the forum police or something ? I made that comment long before Casanova was trying to do something about it, and that comment amongst others is why Casanova IS doing something about it, unless we complain they wont know something is very wrong......
  6. Well you could sell the game sealed i guess, might get enough for season pass
  7. Funny thing is i can get the old collectors edition with the game shipped to me for less than this, talk about Ark screwing up everything they touch........joke!
  8. Was going to order this till i see the shipping is more than the product lol, when will this be available in the UK ?
  9. Doyeathinkhesaurus...........named my Rex this when i was playing hide and seek with him
  10. Most of the time i love this bloody game, but then there are times id like to delete it from my memory..... Today i decided to start my map over, but keep my level 72 character (never done this before), upon spawning west i started getting my raft built, i do love building on rafts as it gives you the freedom of the island, i like to find a different place to settle every time i start over, Got my raft built up (takes a few hours) decided to get a couple of raptors, i like these as body guards when im out exploring or foraging, i had 50 narc arrows and 24 narc canisters on me, ready to go out and get a high level Stego for berry collecting, walked out of my raft and got hit by those stupid gull birds, took something out of my inventory, i didnt see what it was, i then got hit again, this time it took my 24 narcos, so i got my cross bow ready, looked up, but it was just white as the sun was up, 3rd swipe and it took my 50 narc arrows ?? im now starting to lose the will to live, after a few missed shots i managed to kill the bloody thing, only to find it didnt have an inventory, all i could do was pick it up ?? so i lost all those narcs!!! I had to go out and forage by hand again, with my 2 rex's guarding my back, they where only low level though, when suddenly a Carno came out of no where, i started shooting it which meant my Raptors took over.......both died.....i though hmmm, that must be a good Carno, level 12 ??? oh well better than nothing, so i tamed it, went back out to get more berrys when i saw another Carno, yes i can have this easy....nop, my carno died pretty quick, it was fighting a level 72, oh well, i best tame you then i thought, i was thinking if its big enough to kill then it must be good enough to tame lol So i tamed it, and was looking at the stats, was a 107 when i finished taming, i used Dododex to check them out and was pleasantly surprised to see in 107 levels i have only 1 in speed, with 22 in health and 29 in melee, the 2 you really want above average, Ive never really bothered with the Carno, not a big lover of them, i much prefer Raptors, but im loving this one, got the health over 5k now and working on Melee, hopefully i can keep this one alive abit longer than the other dinos, ive being going out in the swamps on foot, i do love doing this, learnt what to look out for, but those slim crocs ?? that pick you up ? dam those things, but my carno eats them in just a few mouth fulls, i love my new body guard There are times when i could throw my console out of the window, but other time when i cant stop playing it, every day i play thinking ive seen it all, yet my eyes get opened up to new ventures Moral of this story, if those bloody gulls hadnt taken my Narcs i would never have found this carno and gone on a swamp adventure for 3+ hours
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