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  1. Definitely Not A Rant...

    Proof of what ?
  2. Definitely Not A Rant...

    Dont know whether to laugh or cry at this comment, I post well over a year ago about an issue with harvested resources not spawning back, which IS a game breaking bug as the only fix is to start over, yet we still have that bug even after official release, plus many many other bugs that have being around for a long time, So how can you sit there and say they take on board and listen us, stop defending them when clearly you are wrong about what you say about them!
  3. Structures +

    Based of what you're saying is they are not capable of fixing their game so need the help from 3rd party's, ie modders who know what they are doing......lol
  4. Structures +

    Im glad they are adding this mod, but my question is, have the devs really being defeated by the building in this game to allow a mod to come in and basically do a massive overhaul and improve the feature 10 fold, i play both this and Exiles, Exiles had it pretty much spot on from the release of Alpha, all adding this mod has shown to me (well confirmed) is the devs are way out of their depth with this game and havent a clue what they are doing, either that or they are too dam lazy to fix their own game, which is a bloody shame!!
  5. Farming Beaver Dams

    OK fine, if you think you dont then so be it, why you carrying on about it....
  6. Farming Beaver Dams

    LOL You know thats not what i said, not sure why the raptor people round here literally put words in your mouth, go re read what i said
  7. Farming Beaver Dams

    Thats not what the video showed, only when he placed new beavers did a dam spawn, but whatever.
  8. Farming Beaver Dams

    But you need to kill the beavers so a new dam will spawn with new beavers
  9. Are you buying aberation?

    Sorry but there are too many big words for me....and on that bombshell i will bid you a farewell
  10. Are you buying aberation?

    Apart from what you posted was the middle of August, now go back to june/july when it was first talked about...there you will see the outcry from the EA players. Anyway, me and you are on different pages, i know what i read and saw, i haven't fabricated any story, and as a moderator you should know better than to accuse people of such things!!!
  11. Are you buying aberation?

    Excuse me ? whos fabricating storys here ? Yes, that was as a response to the outcry of EA players not being able to get the Dossier on its own, you even posted it ??
  12. Are you buying aberation?

    Well no, i follow and read the forums, if i could be bothered i could even find the post where it was talked about, they said considering the amount of EA players who where after the Dossier and other bits they 'might' make it available on its own if the full kits sells well, but it was on the premise of the full kits selling, seeing they are still available it does beg the question. And how long do we wait, how long is abit of string, i was after the Dossier because i only know the uses of a few dinos, i want to sit back and relax to this game on my sofa, so having a Dossier would be a great addition to help my game, so do i stop playing till they make it available, or do i continue with going to and fro from the PC till i get to a point where i wont need the Dossier.....games like these dont last forever, a new one will come along and i will move on.
  13. Are you buying aberation?

    The word 'consider', i'll tell you what then, i will 'consider' buying any more from them, cause we know what the word 'consider' means dont we..... Its also not about patience, its about the fact they didnt think of use when they released the game where you had to buy the game again to get all the goodies, they only 'considered' selling the goodies on there own when they saw how many EA players where upset over this, so dont give me that poop about being impatient, and from what i can see you can still buy the full pack, so guess it didnt sell well, and we all know what that means dont we..... Like i said at the time the best option for us who want the Dossier is to download it and print it off ourselves.
  14. Are you buying aberation?

    Curious to why you think we should have to wait ? do you think all we gamer's want to do is wait all the time, they had plenty of time in EA to sort this out, do you honestly think we wouldn't be upset over this on release ? Last time i support these guys, i wont be spending another penny of their stuff.....
  15. Are you buying aberation?

    Nope, for a few reasons, I supported them on both pc and xbox with EA, got the DLC on pc and xbox, yet when release came about we had to buy it again if we wanted the appendix book, thats not looking after your EA players.... This game doesn't play smooth enough on the xbox to support them anymore, i get lag spikes, sometimes up to a second, done everything from buying a cooling box for my xbox, a new external HD for the game, re downloaded it, ive tried everything, yet still, it plays crap compared to other similar game, both frustrating and annoying, I see alot of people complaining about bugs, bugs that have being out for well over a year, yet they do nothing about fixing them, they dont answer peoples post about these bugs either, just left in limbo, they stopped caring about us when we brought the game....... And for those reasons i wont be supporting them.