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  1. WolfeUK

    Help with breeding questions

    Thanks, that really helped me understand breeding more than 5 hours of utube vids So my next question, and this is a observation, when breeding for mutations, will the baby mutate if it's parents have different levels, or do the parents have to both be the exact same to force the baby to mutate as it can't pick a different stat ?
  2. I'm new to breeding and mutations, learnt a little from YouTube vids but them seem to contradict each other, I've got 2 rexs max tamed to 224 before levels, I've just breed them but the baby has come out at level 247 ? How did that happen, as we can only have dinos up to level 350 I'm not gonna get much chance to mutate him ??
  3. WolfeUK

    Advice for the East side underwater cave

    Thanks guys, I'm will with the tuso atm, need to get more underwater tames going it seems lol
  4. I've taken in a 298 tusoteuthes with 60k health and a ascendant saddle, sweet cakes yet I got swarmed, unable to move then died and lost the dino, I hate that all these dinos come out of the walls, and all this was 10ft from the enterance, So what's the best dino and tactic for this cave ?
  5. WolfeUK

    Mind wipe tonic for creatures

    Would be also good to see base stats for breeding
  6. Would be more expensive than the human version with a 7 day cool down, more for those mistakes like i sometimes make
  7. WolfeUK

    What is hole fixes ?

    Btw it's happening in the cave at carno island just before you go into the water Oh that's 5 today that have gone through somewhere, I have to ghost to them and swim them out to the ocean
  8. WolfeUK

    What is hole fixes ?

    Make that 4, I spend more time trying to fix these problems than playing the same game, you would think after all this time they would know what there doing!!!
  9. WolfeUK

    What is hole fixes ?

    Well I don't know what the duck these devs are trying to do, but since this map update on the xbox I've lost 3 dinos from falling through the ground, never had it before...
  10. WolfeUK

    What is hole fixes ?

    I see we will be downloading complete maps on the TLC2, hence 40gb But what are hole fixes ?
  11. WolfeUK

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I just got the xobx x and its like a new game, runs so much better and looks amazing, still get the occasional stutter but then even the top end pcs have that
  12. WolfeUK

    Poor FPS

    I got the xboxone x recently and it plays like a different game, so much better than the old xboxone, thats how it should have being launched 4 years ago
  13. I thinking of getting a xbox one x and wondered if this game would play better on the X, i currently play on the xbox but dont like the poor FPS and micro stutters, would these go on the X and play better ?
  14. WolfeUK

    Rubberbanding / Extreme Lag

    Its not your internet but the poorly optimised game, i have rubber banding on my single player world, sometimes with a ping of over a hundred, which shows how poor this game runs, dont expect anything from the devs as they dont give a poop about the players, only about the money they are making
  15. WolfeUK

    Poor FPS

    Guess these guys dont care about improving there game, just keen on releasing new content.... Sucks cause i hoped they would have it playing better, and they constantly ignore tickets, whats the point in having a complaint system if you chose to ignore it....