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  1. Ticketing system finally let me open #1485825 Cannot Access My Tribe. Two 210 AB Spino babies and two 220 Daeodon babies have bit the dust. Currently watching my 210 tan adolescent giga starve (now bloody) and my pink/blue 261 adolescent giga also starve. 362 Tek Rex matured as did my two 300 argentavis. Don't want to lose even more.
  2. I just renamed my solo tribe on an official server and watched my babies starve to death because I can't access any of my own things because of a tribe name change. I have sunk so many hours into this game. Am I SOL, wildcard, because I can't submit a ticket on the site because the link reroutes you to the homepage? Not that a threat matters, but if there's no option, I'm done with this game for good. Too many hours played to lose everything for a simple name change. Maybe tribes/ownership should go based on GT and not stupid tribe names when you're solo.
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