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  1. is that a Giga or a Rex at the end.. the arms/hands don't look the same.
  2. Center Console Debut? i just started ark and no update.. how is there a Debut when its not out? o well Can't play Ark on pc but i can play WOT.. guess i'll wait till next week
  3. PC players: most things work. still alot of bugs. Xbox Players (Myself) : More bugs then PC it seems Caves don't work,I went threw the cave that people say there's stuff in it. 65 something or what.. no dice...went in went out. 1 spider nothin more. FPS issue due to OVER SPAWNING of STUPID FISH. Not Painting of Dino's (Sadface), Rare Spino's. (Side Note - I want the Real Spino. not this one that's in the game. yea the one that walks on its rear legs not on all fours. and was bigger then T-Rex. More Info is out there now). And the Sliders need to be more clear of what they do.. Everyone i
  4. lol More caves..... how about fixing the ones that are in game to make them work before making more?
  5. i don't even have a giga yet but I WANT THIS!. i don't have any other metal looking dino like i seen in video's .. i want this!
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