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PlatinumCore16's Feedback

  1. Weatherman left Positive feedback   

    Fast, friendly and reliable. All you can ask for in a trader. Would recommend

    PlatinumCore16 was Trading

  2. Lust27 left Positive feedback   

    Made a great trade. Will trade again.

    PlatinumCore16 was Trading

  3. shortee2 left Positive feedback   

    very good trader fast and friendly i got what i was buying would trade again

    PlatinumCore16 was The Seller

  4. Wonsch left Positive feedback   

    Smooth and successful trade, pleasure doing business

    PlatinumCore16 was The Seller

  5. Duncan left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross ark trading
    Nice friendly guy, came to my server for trade also. Would definitely trade again with him

    PlatinumCore16 was The Seller

  6. Wonsch left Positive feedback   

    Travelled to my server. Was quick, easy, polite. Will trade again!

    PlatinumCore16 was The Seller

  7. ltbosox left Positive feedback   

    The trade went great. Plat was straightforward and very pleasant to deal with. I'd trade with him again.

    PlatinumCore16 was The Seller

  8. KittyB left Positive feedback   

    Smooth trade, and went quick with no interruptions. Will definitely do business again.

    PlatinumCore16 was Trading

  9. Pluck left Positive feedback   

    Awesome to trade with!

    PlatinumCore16 was The Seller

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