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  1. This is a really predictable transition on every online Games out their. Human are sadistic by nature, they like to dominate others and feel good about doing it. And what's a better place to do it other than in a virtual world. This is where the Game Devs make their money from. They provide benefits to their "subscribers" , "donators" making them spend more on the game which they calls "Whale". But in a game where everyone is at same advantage people will not want to spend more to get ahead and dominate. And this is where comes the Free2Players. Who will always be in a disadvantage to the Whales. My suggestion is to face the hard fact truth that Every Online is a Pay2Win game (except for the ones that doesn't give anything but skins purchase) and just enjoy single player games. Because like it or not Devs will always care about those who helps them pay bills and their student loans. No matter how much anyone cry. It is their job after all
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