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  1. XiONKale


    Mobile Platform Limitation exists and Genshin Impact making cross-platform multiplayer game with Unity running 60fps... Mobile Platform Limitation exists and Eve Echoes running with 1500+ players on same map flawless on NeoX ... Mobile Platform Limitation exists and Albion Online with Sandbox free to play MMO title boasting 5000+ players active on Unity.... yea, "mobile platform limitation" not "developer incapability" yes its a "Copy/Paste" because nothing needed to change for your guys... all the problems were solved... all the methodology was written and all you had to do is integ
  2. XiONKale


    lol just another copy and pasted reply... sounds so articulated... how many times do you guys post these types of reply in a day??? lets talk about time, i have seen what other IP games you guys have... some Grand Theft Auto remakes for mobile, one max payne a few strategy games and some kid's games... quite diverse portfolio... but that's what it is... a portfolio... all of these are just copy-pasted assets of an existing game on a different platform environment... not original works... you guys are just copy-pasting templates at this point and you guys don't have time to implement changes
  3. XiONKale


    i know New DLC maps are impossible for mobile... i know we will Never get anything other than the island map... but can we please atleast have the building assets that was in the base PC game like Triangle foundation/ceiling. DoubleDoor and DoubleDoor frames or maybe the later DLC quality of life things like Hitching posts or even base saving things like Heavy turrets???(i know why that doesn't exist $$$) those doesn't need a whole map to be functional and those existed in base game already on PC so why can't we have them on Mobile??? i don't want to hear "those will be added in future" i want
  4. This is a really predictable transition on every online Games out their. Human are sadistic by nature, they like to dominate others and feel good about doing it. And what's a better place to do it other than in a virtual world. This is where the Game Devs make their money from. They provide benefits to their "subscribers" , "donators" making them spend more on the game which they calls "Whale". But in a game where everyone is at same advantage people will not want to spend more to get ahead and dominate. And this is where comes the Free2Players. Who will always be in a disadvantage t
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