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  1. Xbox here, since the SE update that just downloaded I can't log on to my server or official. Getting an endless "Joining Session..." screen.
  2. Before the sino I was keen on a dimo project, they are beasts. I don't play pvp but if I did I'd have a few.
  3. We left a giga in the queen arena. You have to wait for it to calculate challengers and start coming towards you to unpod your helper, after that run she will spawn in like normal even if you have a tame already out on her floor area.
  4. Good way to farm prime I guess. I only played LI long enough to tame a couple of sino's but yeah, it should be called Stego Island. One thing I also noticed that I liked, there are also a LOT of rexes, considering how low they spawn on other maps, The Island especially.
  5. Can't wait to find out. Since Archeys and glide suits work I'd be shocked if they don't. Could change the meta for the cave significantly.
  6. When I did my rexes I did mass hatchings on a platform over a bunch of ACs. Same, crazy fast rates. Stacking 10m and 10h mutations took WEEKS. I'm loving the incubator. OP sounds like he has remarkably bad luck. Keep at it.
  7. And watching pro players who specialize in solo play is a great way to get those answers, unless you want to figure it all out thru trial and error. If one has a truly unlimited amount of time to play, sure, figure it out as you go. If one is a grown up with a job and some other time obligations, anything to shorten the grind would likely be appreciated.
  8. Watch Soloing the Ark by Phlinger Phoo or Ultimate Ark by Syntac. Or run up to a dino and punch it.
  9. Regarding the horse, depends on the map. You can get them as a first tame on rag easily, and an early tame on val also. Fairly easy to find on SE and Abberation. Its an absolutely phenomenal early mid game animal, especially if you breed for stats and imprint, and have a small herd of them saddled up in lieu of a chem bench.
  10. You can turn all that stuff up on single player on Xbox...
  11. I agree. For as OP as it is, it should be a pain to get one. Juice is worth the squeeze. I've had a couple that were absolutely nightmarish to tame (my 168, ugh) and got lucky with another one (a trash male so I could breed the PITA 168). If you can get one stuck against a cliff you are in luck. I can't wait to take one into the Tek cave.
  12. High stam lightning wyvern did pretty good too.
  13. Apparently it was a bug and they patched it. Levels aren't rag like, but I got lucky and got a 168 sino early. I play on difficulty 6 obvs.
  14. Yeah in between green ob and redwoods, saw one there I could have tamed on foot because of the elevation. A 'crops and net gun just made the quetz the easiest tame ever.
  15. Where did you spawn? Some of the easy spawns are pretty barren. Did you try a dino wipe admin command?
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