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  1. LOOOL you had me at working hard for June 2 first off you haven’t worked to hard since it’s been delayed 4 times and ooooooo teaser!! NOT wouldn’t need a teaser we woulda been playing by now If you weren’t so incompetent
  2. Wildcard you are a joke delayed 4 times now if I was your management I would fire everyone of you
  3. Tek sensor not working PS4 official Anyone else having issues with tek sensor doesn’t work at all no one I mean no one can get them working they only log in tribe log if your in render distance
  4. Using excuses now y’all never meet a deadline
  5. Don’t get your hopes up it will be pushed back again watch!
  6. FROM THE FOUNDERS? Like we give a poop look where do we get refunds? I’m done with your game most are. Most of us are so bored genesis was the Only thing keeping it alive and now you delayed again ???? Forget I’m done where do I get refund?
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