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  1. Tyravel


    Ah, gotcha that's horrible now I feel bad, hopefully they'll fix it soon. An interesting and infuriating glitch is on xbox atm, no where near that bad but annoying, the letter I and number 1 are filtered with the language filter currently makes conversation... interesting to say the least
  2. Best quality of life change I've ever seen on any game, especially with this 2.5x breeding weekend so many instant pod/depod for imprint requests lol
  3. Tyravel


    Drop/Veins Just curious what is everyone ranting about Veins and drops needing to be fixed on the Twitter? I don't have problems with them unless it's about having to hunt down that one random stuck dino, that's annoying but not THAT annoying. Only annoying at all due to making sure to stay in render distance
  4. Some servers are still not back up, NA PVE CrossPlay Official The Island and Scorched Earth, only one of each that are NA PVE CrossPlay and neither are running
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