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  1. Accessing Storage ORP servers Because pin's were abused, why not simply make the solution that items like vaults and chests are only accessible by the tribe owner / members. Having vaults be useless right now is destroying this game for Offline Raid Protection. It's understandable with how pin's were abused that they needed to be removed in the mechanics which they operate now. Simply change the operation so that non-tribe members can't access the item. If that's too hard just make it so that offline tribe's vaults can't be accessed when they're offline, even when the pin is known. I really like ark, so I've been trying to give this game multiple chances on different servers. Just seems that there's something wrong with each of them, but if this were fixed on ORP servers, I'd be in heaven for ark, and could return the thumbs up review.
  2. Offline Raid Protection (ORP) is everything i wanted to have...except ark has some way of messing everything up for the new players so badly, this might be the last straw for me. ORP had all the thrills of pvp action i was looking for, and there were many bases like pve maps, although not over-run was healthy. Everything seems nice and wonderful in game-play, I can log back on to my base, what a wonder, and even better experience & enjoy some pvp? This seems like a miracle that the developers made something right, and started fixing their core game problems. Now the issue...Why vaults are useless, and anything else in your base is going to be flying in the air everywhere, is because there's no locking them. Enemies can waltz right up & throw everything from your vault into the air. This makes vaults and holding inventory useless...having 51 walls between the vault & the outside is ridiculous. I understand there were some griefers, but the solution is more hell for everyone else, I might have to put down ark forever. Having a single C4 blow down my wall & everything fly out of my safe before i can even get back, because the guy has some managarmar's & can soak up some turrets & blow some light defenses away (15-20 turrets). Before you start shouting things about playtime, viability, and whatnot... Having my base being so easily exposed makes this ORP just as unbearable and dangerous as regular pvp. Any random guy with a few C4 can destroy any well established base walls & just popcorn all the loot. Some guy threw out all my cryo's & just named them all trash garbage crap etc. Apparently this is common ORP server behavior because they assume your base is going to be invulnerable soon & they're going to just throw it out anyways... Mean players are succeeding and having people give this game some low scores because of bad defense mechanics with vaults & locked objects. Alpha tribes and new player bases, sometimes you weigh the exploitation vs the cost, and wonder if we should just let them get away with it. So the rest of us can just enjoy playing the game. PVE don't suggest it, it's a waste of my time, just turn off the grieffers. We got a few kills and got them to retreat & we logged, however... Paper vaults...
  3. Where? If you mean turrets and the amount of bullets metal and whatnot to get to the point of having such things... is part of the problem for new players to ark. It's almost an impossibility to achieve any stable & safe base, that can repel even a single well setup player.
  4. The buildings become invulerable so after the 15 minutes, to prevent someone from griefing after they log. Also the 15 minute time period is to prevent people from saving their base by just loging in the case of a raid.
  5. Solution for PVP How about making for those new players their buildings invulnerable 5-15 minutes after logging off, and this would also apply to tribes that have no members online. I believe that one of the biggest issues with player grieffing is battlemetrics and the ability to chase player's down when they're sleeping. Battlemetrics is what made me have to give this game a thumbs down when i pissed off an alpha tribe & they followed me to every server i went to & just wiped me over & over, always when i was in the middle of my ususal (log-off time). If you can't keep my playtime private, (which it should be), then at least make it so I can sleep or work or do other things than ark. So I can enjoy it more and treat it less like work. In order to balance this new influx of invulnerable buildings, say (to players), lets also reduce the time buildings stand on a map without having the player or a player from the tribe be online. Say a reduction to 1/2 or less. This way it encourages people to play more often, allows a save feature, and makes general combat more interesting than waking up to a destroyed base. Will this affect pvp, you bet for the good reasons that players will now be able to patrol more bases of opportunity. They will also enjoy the encounter of having an enemy tribe player that is online to combat against.
  6. My character just dissipated into nothingness, this seems to be an on-going problem. I'm new to this game myself, and would be very hesitant to continue or support this game further unless this is resolved, I'll make a new one now, luckily I wasn't high level. If developer's don't find a solution and it happens to me again, you've lost a customer, sorry that I'm not interested in remaking characters often.
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