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  1. (SP, The Island) It's been a lot of the same thing every day. Breeding and more breeding. I'm up to 9 health and 9 melee mutations on the rexes, plus I still have the theri's going too. I think they are on 9 health and 8 melee? I've been focusing more on the rexes than anything. I've also been combining colors for the future armies on the side. I know it's stupid and pointless, but I would love to see a group of nicely colored dinos all ready for the bosses. I'm pretty sure I have the theri colors down - dark purple sides, cyan back stripe, red single back stripe, and a teal or pink belly. My husband says it looks like a paint can exploded on it but I like it! I've been running caves while waiting for the eggs to accumulate. I want to have multiple artifacts ready to go for when the time comes. I still haven't found a good theri saddle, but hopefully someday I will. I lost my otter in the lava cave... I don't even know why I brought her along because I never get more than one artifact at a time. I also ran around gathering cake slices with my new thyla and managed to get a beautiful purple and cyan wyvern chibi. It has replaced my previous featherlight that I kept on me all of the time. I tamed up my first ever mosa today. I was so excited to see a 130 when I was out scouting.. I immediately turned around to go get taming supplies. I trapped it in behemoth gates on the ocean floor and it was a pretty easy tame from there. Now I just need to find a high level female so I can get an imprinted baby.
  2. (SP, The Island) It was breeding day with some afk time included. I used your tips, @Cymas, and started separate lines for the mutations plus dropped the breeding interval from .025 to .001. I'm up to 4 melee and 3 health on the rexes and my deinonychus. I got 2 melee and 3 health on the theri's so far. I'm also breeding yuty's as a side project.. not too concerned about getting a lot of mutations on them but I think it would be nice if I could get some at least. I've only got 1 Stam and 1 health on them, despite hatching tons of eggs. I'm just not having much luck with them. That was it, other than filling troughs.
  3. (SP, The Island) I successfully transferred back to the Island and started going through my breeding dinos. I pulled everything that had a replacement with higher stats and all of my previous mutations. To prevent confusion and to keep from hoarding, I killed off most of the old breeders and mutations. I left a few in the dino storage console to collect unfertilized eggs. I do use the dino storage mod, but I really only use it for breeding when I have live births happening. I much prefer to hatch my eggs and pick and choose which babies are claimed. Once that was done, I arranged all of my new breeding projects: the rexes, the theri's, the deinonychus, and the yuty's. I tossed on their immobilising orbs and set everyone to wander so I don't have to stay in render distance to breed them. Next, I sorted through my dolphins so I could toss out my babies to imprint. Soon, I hope to take one out to look for deep sea loot crates. I spent most of my day today hatching eggs to combine stats and starting to look for mutations. My head was swimming with numbers, so I had to write down base stats to even keep track. Between sessions, I ran the swamp cave and came out with nothing good. I also went to the volcano and grabbed more metal and crystal just in case I decide to build another breeding room after all. It is definitely getting a little crowded with all of the lines starting to unfold.
  4. @Cymas Thank you for all of the advice! I do know that the non-story maps usually have higher levels, I just never expected such luck within just a few steps of the obelisk. I currently run mods, including Kraken's Better Dinos, which is supposed to be equalizing my levels but I still seem to have very little luck... I had no idea that you could just edit the .ini file to fix that without a mod. I will have to give it a try, thank you! As for breeding, the majority of my knowledge comes from watching Syntac on YouTube lol. I typically follow what he does with combining all of the best stats that I have and then working on mutations from there. I was only thinking Stam and weight for when I take them out for leveling purposes before the fights. I also usually just stack whatever mutations I get together because they seem so rare and in-between (health and melee or whatever I'm looking for). Are you saying it is better to have separate lines for health and melee mutations and then breed them together at the end? I thought of doing that in the past but I get so many random unneeded mutations that I figured it would take forever. I also run s+, so the hatchery picks up all of my eggs and I wasn't sure how I would sort out different breeding lines easily without building another breeding room. I appreciate all of the tips! It is nice to look at things from a different perspective sometimes. (SP, The Island) I've had a bad couple of Ark days - my electric went out while I was playing on Monday and while I didn't lose a lot of progress, I was mysteriously kicked out of my tribe and had to force myself back in and then reclaim every dino I had out. I also made the mistake of trying to transfer back to the Island without updating my backup save file right before and my game crashed. Yep, I know better but I still do dumb things and try to rush. It ended up working out for the best because I decided to extend my stay in Valguero and look for more stuff to tame and more eggs. My deinonychus are in no way the best, but I think I'm happy enough with them to just start breeding them up. I'm feeling the itch to get my new rexes back home to start breeding. I managed to find some with excellent health and melee stats, which again scraps my previous breeding project but it is what it is. I'm done hunting rexes now, so I feel good about starting over one last time. I think I am going to transfer back tonight and take my time doing so. Wish me luck!
  5. (SP, The Island) Over the weekend, I threw out my current rexes, yuty's and theri's to try to breed in my best stats. It's a work in progress, especially with me not really being home most of the weekend to do much. I had managed to breed in the new health theri that I had found the other day and coincidentally, I found a slightly higher melee theri yesterday. I planned to start breeding that in once the current baby grew up. I got the health and melee combined for my rexes, now I need to breed that baby to my stamina and weight Rex. I have so many breeding projects going that I feel like I am constantly looking at babies. I decided on a whim that although I had previously thought I would not transfer maps due to wanting to follow the story... I was going to Valguero today. It's not a story map, so I guess I'm not technically breaking any rules. I wanted to gather some deinonychus to start the breeding process for the Halloween event months down the line. I also wanted to look around for high level rexes or theri's. Wouldn't you know, just a few steps from the green obelisk I found a 150 theri. I tamed her up and she has much higher health than even my newest one back home. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for any more high levels because I've scoured the Island with little to show for it and some new blood will be good. I spent the next hour searching for deinonychus eggs and found a handful of good ones - maybe 8? I am hoping I didn't get a bunch from the same parents but we will see. I plan to hatch those up before I leave and then transport them to try to avoid any glitches with that. The rest of the eggs I will keep for kibble.
  6. (SP, The Island) It was a pretty simple day for me today. I finished up my breeding room, hung the lights on the ceiling and then revamped some areas of my base. Swapped out for metal railings around my taming pen so the wood ones could stop being chomped by wild dinos. Ran the swamp cave for the first time in a few days. My armor was broken twice, which led to two separate trips back to base and then back to the cave again. Thankfully I live close but it was still frustrating. That was it for today.
  7. (SP, The Island) It was another excellent day for me. I woke up early before work and figured I would jump on to tame the 150 Yuty that I saw last night. It was in the general vicinity of where I needed to go for more crystal anyway. Of course I forgot to bring my trap supplies, but I didn't realize that until I was seconds away. Just as I turned to go back, I saw a 140 spino just chilling in the little river between the two snow mountains. Yes! Finally a high level spino. I've killed so many low levels... Found a 140 female direwolf, snatched it and brought it back to my taming pen at base. Now I can breed up an army and see if I can get some real pelt supplies going. Back at base, I grabbed everything I would need (kibble, mutton, gateways and gates). I flew back to that area and perched on a cliff. Signed out. Came back from work and signed in. Trapped up the Spino and fed it kibble. Spotted a 140 megatherium right beside us. This is serious luck because I've never seen a high level of those either. I decided the Yuty was higher priority because it was max level and female and I didn't want it getting itself killed on me. After it went for a very annoying swim in the ice chunked lake, it managed to get stuck in some ruins for an explorer note - perfect. Tamed it up with mutton. While it was down, I led the megatherium to the trap I had set up for the yuty. Tamed that up with some kibble. I cryo'ed everything and tossed out my Bary because I had found a 135 heal pig. I tanked the hits and tamed that too. Found another high level opposite gender heal pig and did the same. I was on a major roll with finding high levels tonight! Next, I put away my Bary and flew over to the blue ob mountain. Tossed out my anky and gathered a ton of crystal. Perfect! Hopefully I can finish up my breeding room now. Flew home and tossed all of the metal collected in the forge and put away the rest of the resources. Ran out of time, so building will have to wait for tomorrow. Signed out for the night.
  8. @Cymas That sounds like a real treat! I might breed up a couple of rexes this weekend and try it out if I have time. It's the only Island cave that I have left to do but I'm not in a huge rush. I still need to breed up an army for the bosses, which will take forever. I'm just hoping it will be a viable source of good loot because so far the Swamp cave is the only one that has more than one loot crate at a time for me. Thank you for the advice, you're right it is hard to find up to date information sometimes. (SP, The Island) Today's time was very limited. I let two dolphin babies grow up to try to up my chances of getting the best stats because their parents just weren't helping me out in that department. I just want a dolphin with all of the best stats of the three main ones that I have so I can hopefully zoom around the ocean to try to find loot crates. I love my basilo, but she is just too slow. While that was going on, I started to work some more on my breeding room. I got all of the half walls down and put in the stone walls where they needed to be. Installed my large glass walls that I had made up and then headed off on another crystal and metal run. I didn't find a lot of crystal, so I still have a lot of work to do. I will have to head to the snow tomorrow to look for more. I took one of my theris out to gather rare flowers since I was completely out. On the way across to the swamp, I found a 150 Thyla just roaming around! This is the first high level thyla I've seen and a max level at that! I hurried to grab my flowers and then ran back to base to grab my Argy that I have named Myst. We snatched up the thyla and tossed it in the taming pen, but not without losing half of Myst's health and a whole lot of blood. They are so vicious now! Unfortunately, I only had one Yuty egg so I lost a level on the tame but I'm still happy with it. While waiting for it to tame, I did find an apprentice advanced sniper rifle blueprint and an ascendant ghillie mask. All in all, it was a great day.
  9. (SP, The Island) I have been thinking about my base and how it is still incomplete while I'm already in mid-late game. After showing a friend my base the other night while he contemplated trying out Ark, it really started to bug me. Last night I had no time to play really, but ended up tearing down the entire unfinished breeding area. Today, I started the rebuild and expansion of the breeding area. It's really the last area that needs completed and then I can hopefully stop thinking about building for a while. I live on the river between the swamp, red woods, and black sands area and it just happens to be deep enough to throw out some water creatures (I haven't tried anything bigger than a basilo). I expanded it to the same size as my main base area and switched up ceiling tiles (my flooring) between stone and s+ glass. I also added a glass hatch frame and a metal ladder, then ran walls down to the river bottom all the way around. This would create my new water dino breeding pen directly below... and that was when I decided that I liked that appearance much better than my currently "floating" base and ran walls around the rest of my base and taming pen too. Now everything looks grounded and much better in my eyes. There's still a lot of work to do but I had to stop midway to go get more metal and crystal, so it slowed down progress some. On the way back home from that, I found a 130 Rex and had to tame it up. He tamed up with 9k health, which is by far the highest that any of my tamed rexes have right now. It definitely made me happy that I had needed to go on that resource run! I started laying the groundwork for my half walls but it got too late to continue. More to come later... and I will have to see if I can post a screenshot or two once I am done. By the way, @Cymas thank you for the advice! I think I will go with Rexes for the snow cave since you said they can fit. I have a nice saddle blueprint for them, so that works out great. I had only heard of people using Allos and Direbears before.
  10. (SP, The Island) I took my chances and did the hard water cave. There was a lot of healing involved... but I cleared the cave of most of the baddies and got the artifact. Now I'm only missing one in my collection - the snow cave, which I don't feel ready for. I tamed up a few last minute creatures - 150 Purlovia, an Easter colored Bronto and Dimetrodon, and a Sarco. Did a dino wipe to encourage new spawns because the Rex and Theri spawns have become nearly nonexistent. Bred up and imprinted a new Argy to replace my late friend, who was chomped while patiently waiting for me to get out of the cave on Carno Island. I flew around the bases of the nearby mountains to look for new dinos. Found a pair of 150 Allos and another 145. Flew them all back to my taming pen with my Quetz and tamed them up. I'm thinking of using them in the snow cave. Found a bunch of mediocre Rexes and Theri's, killed them all as I went along. Finally found a 130 Theri and flew him back to base only to tame him up and find he had trash stats. Oh well. It was getting close to time to sign out for the night, so I grabbed Aqua and ran to the swamp cave for a quick run through. I got super lucky this time around! I found an ascendant fur gauntlet blueprint and an ascendant pump action shotgun with 321% damage and insane durability. It felt really good to finally replace my primitive version with that! Went back to base and put everything away. Signed out.
  11. (SP, The Island) It's been a whole lot of the same thing over and over lately. I've been running caves trying to get better gear with very little luck. I did manage to get an ascendant Rex saddle blueprint and an apprentice compound bow blueprint from the swamp cave, though. I tested out shoving all of my points into crafting skill and managed to get a 174 armor Rex saddle from it, which I thought was pretty good luck (the base armor is 126). It's too bad I really wasn't planning on using rexes for the bosses... might have to change up my strategy. There was a 145 theri wandering around my base, so I tamed it up and it ended up with a slightly higher base health than my breeding line has with one mutation on health... so I guess I am scrapping my breeding project for the moment. It's a good thing I was only 4 mutations deep. Now I'm on the lookout for more high level theri's and rexes. I think I was just a little too impatient to start breeding and ended up wasting my time. I did fly around looking for some and managed to get a 135 Rex but the stats didn't look good. Stopped at the cave on Carno Island and ended up losing my best Argy because I didn't think to pod it before I went in. I emerged just in time to see it crumple from the relentless attacks of a wild Argy. Did I mention I was smart enough to leave it on passive too? Ugh. I got my baby basilo with a health mutation and a beautiful red color on the back all imprinted up. I named her Strawberry and took her out to the ocean to start leveling her up in preparation for the easy water cave. We went all the way around the map in search of a high level mosa or tuso but no such luck. We killed plenty of alpha megalodons and one alpha tuso, plus anything else that came our way. I tamed up an eel along the way, which was surprisingly easy - one more thing toward that achievement. Now if only I could figure out how to tame a manta... and get a Plesi to hold still long enough for me to tame it. Those are my two current frustrations in the water taming world. No time to do the water cave today, plus I broke all of my scuba tanks on the trip. Flew back home and repaired my gear, then put everything away. Signed out.
  12. (SP, The Island) I started off by checking to see what I managed to get for stats on my baby basilos. I got one girl with all of the stats and one girl with a health mutation but not the good melee. I'm sure I can work with it somehow. Hatched theri babies - one mutation but it was no good. Time to move on to bigger and better things. I still needed 4 artifacts to complete my collection, so I decided to go for the next one I was capable of getting: Artifact of the Pack. What an adventure this was! I was freezing every time I touched the water and had to keep taking breaks to heal up on land. I got lost and spent a good portion of my night just trying to navigate my way to the artifact. I finally found it and managed to get two blue drops, both of which were junk. After that, I hightailed it out of there as quickly as I could find my way out. Back at base, I found my baby basilo was still nowhere close to adulthood. Disappointing, considering I was gone for what felt like forever. I hatched the new theri eggs and a bunch of penguin eggs to get polymer. Killed all of them (no new mutations on theri's). Finally, I fixed all of my armor that I had been using and put away my treasures. Signed out.
  13. (SP, The Island) Ran the swamp cave and found nothing of any great value. Found a diseased leech and purposely got swamp fever for the achievement. Went back to base and repaired my scuba tank, switched out gear for taming supplies. Headed to the ocean to tame up a 135 megalodon I had seen recently to make up for the fact the last one I tamed didn't give me credit for the achievement. Tamed that up and then killed a low level mosa I had also spotted. Thought about trying to kill a level 30 alpha mosa that was also nearby but he disappeared by the time I was done with the other. Swam around to look for loot crates but found none.. found a 120 plesi with Easter colors and tried to knock it out but it kept running and I could hardly keep up. I ended up losing it when I got attacked by a shark and two other plesi... Killed an alpha leed and got my pirate hat skin. Back on land, I spotted two high level pelagornis - a 150 female and a 130 male. Tamed them both up and took them home to get an imprinted baby with the best stats. I plan to start fishing to try to get some decent blueprints since I have a lack of cave loot crates and very little luck with supply drops. It turns out that the waters my base is positioned on are deep enough to toss out a basilo, so I started breeding my male and female to get an imprinted baby with the best stats for that too. I want to make my way into the underwater caves soon. Threw out my theri eggs to try my luck with mutations again - only one but it wasn't on a good stat, so killed them all. Put away my collected treasures and loot, and signed out for the night.
  14. So sorry to hear about your save file, Penguin! I love this game but I'm always afraid of what is going to happen whenever there is an update. (SP, The Island) I only had a few minutes to play today, so I mainly just put away things I had collected in my adventures the last time I was on - blueprints, saddles, and such. Healed up my bary so he will be ready for whatever our next adventure is. I then took a quick trip to the snow and snatched up a male and female kairuku so I can start a polymer farm. Flew back to base and signed out.
  15. (SP, The Island) Took one of my recently tamed basilo out to the ocean to look for jellyfish. Gathered a decent amount of biotoxin and made shocking tranq darts, then headed out to find that quetzal I had been failing to knock out the other night. I managed to get her down right on the edge of the redwoods. Guarded her until she tamed up and quickly podded her. With that out of the way, I headed off to the cave on carno Island so I could collect my tames. Spotted a 145 male rex and tamed him up while I was there, gathering explorer notes while he was unconscious. I finally headed into the cave after that to collect the artifact and check for loot. There was only one drop, which seems to be my typical luck in most caves... it had a Mastercraft ghillie legging set inside, which worked out perfectly to get rid of my ice cube status. Went back to base and switched out gear to run the swamp cave again now that I've discovered how close it is. Everything was going fine until an arthro broke my armor, so I had to turn around and run out of there before I died. Unfortunately I am out of organic polymer, so I couldn't repair my ghillie. I hatched up all of the theri eggs - no mutations, killed them all. Signed out.
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