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  1. (SP, The Island) It's been a lot of the same thing every day. Breeding and more breeding. I'm up to 9 health and 9 melee mutations on the rexes, plus I still have the theri's going too. I think they are on 9 health and 8 melee? I've been focusing more on the rexes than anything. I've also been combining colors for the future armies on the side. I know it's stupid and pointless, but I would love to see a group of nicely colored dinos all ready for the bosses. I'm pretty sure I have the theri colors down - dark purple sides, cyan back stripe, red single back stripe, and a teal or pink belly
  2. Why do you guys have to be so toxic? You know half of your beef is with xbox for not allowing updates that haven't gone through certification, right? And guess who doesn't do the certifications on the weekends? Sony and Microsoft. It has been a week (not a month) and they figured out a fix, which you'll get soon. Give them a break. They've been popping out bug fixes left and right. If you want to boycott them, go ahead. My family will still be playing and buying Ark 2.. and I will continue to recommend it because there is absolutely no other game out there like it.
  3. I doubt console will get the new patch until at least Monday... Sony and Microsoft don't usually do certifications on the weekends. I started out on xbox so I'm definitely familiar with that disappointment.
  4. It is now fixed on pc for singleplayer after the latest update.
  5. You could try transferring to Valguero, that place is crawling with Rexes if you look in the right area. It's where I found my 10k health Rex and 384 melee Rex. I get that it requires transferring but it isn't a story map, so it doesn't really interrupt your story mode play. It's just easier to find higher level dinosaurs on non-story maps and you won't have to feel bad about cheating.
  6. This is happening in singleplayer too. I'm running the swamp cave and have gotten primitive items and blueprints from all of the drops (blue, red).
  7. (SP, The Island) It was breeding day with some afk time included. I used your tips, @Cymas, and started separate lines for the mutations plus dropped the breeding interval from .025 to .001. I'm up to 4 melee and 3 health on the rexes and my deinonychus. I got 2 melee and 3 health on the theri's so far. I'm also breeding yuty's as a side project.. not too concerned about getting a lot of mutations on them but I think it would be nice if I could get some at least. I've only got 1 Stam and 1 health on them, despite hatching tons of eggs. I'm just not having much luck with them. That was it,
  8. (SP, The Island) I successfully transferred back to the Island and started going through my breeding dinos. I pulled everything that had a replacement with higher stats and all of my previous mutations. To prevent confusion and to keep from hoarding, I killed off most of the old breeders and mutations. I left a few in the dino storage console to collect unfertilized eggs. I do use the dino storage mod, but I really only use it for breeding when I have live births happening. I much prefer to hatch my eggs and pick and choose which babies are claimed. Once that was done, I arranged all of m
  9. @Cymas Thank you for all of the advice! I do know that the non-story maps usually have higher levels, I just never expected such luck within just a few steps of the obelisk. I currently run mods, including Kraken's Better Dinos, which is supposed to be equalizing my levels but I still seem to have very little luck... I had no idea that you could just edit the .ini file to fix that without a mod. I will have to give it a try, thank you! As for breeding, the majority of my knowledge comes from watching Syntac on YouTube lol. I typically follow what he does with combining all of the best sta
  10. (SP, The Island) Over the weekend, I threw out my current rexes, yuty's and theri's to try to breed in my best stats. It's a work in progress, especially with me not really being home most of the weekend to do much. I had managed to breed in the new health theri that I had found the other day and coincidentally, I found a slightly higher melee theri yesterday. I planned to start breeding that in once the current baby grew up. I got the health and melee combined for my rexes, now I need to breed that baby to my stamina and weight Rex. I have so many breeding projects going that I feel like
  11. (SP, The Island) It was a pretty simple day for me today. I finished up my breeding room, hung the lights on the ceiling and then revamped some areas of my base. Swapped out for metal railings around my taming pen so the wood ones could stop being chomped by wild dinos. Ran the swamp cave for the first time in a few days. My armor was broken twice, which led to two separate trips back to base and then back to the cave again. Thankfully I live close but it was still frustrating. That was it for today.
  12. (SP, The Island) It was another excellent day for me. I woke up early before work and figured I would jump on to tame the 150 Yuty that I saw last night. It was in the general vicinity of where I needed to go for more crystal anyway. Of course I forgot to bring my trap supplies, but I didn't realize that until I was seconds away. Just as I turned to go back, I saw a 140 spino just chilling in the little river between the two snow mountains. Yes! Finally a high level spino. I've killed so many low levels... Found a 140 female direwolf, snatched it and brought it back to my taming pen at base. N
  13. @Cymas That sounds like a real treat! I might breed up a couple of rexes this weekend and try it out if I have time. It's the only Island cave that I have left to do but I'm not in a huge rush. I still need to breed up an army for the bosses, which will take forever. I'm just hoping it will be a viable source of good loot because so far the Swamp cave is the only one that has more than one loot crate at a time for me. Thank you for the advice, you're right it is hard to find up to date information sometimes. (SP, The Island) Today's time was very limited. I let two dolphin babies grow up
  14. (SP, The Island) I have been thinking about my base and how it is still incomplete while I'm already in mid-late game. After showing a friend my base the other night while he contemplated trying out Ark, it really started to bug me. Last night I had no time to play really, but ended up tearing down the entire unfinished breeding area. Today, I started the rebuild and expansion of the breeding area. It's really the last area that needs completed and then I can hopefully stop thinking about building for a while. I live on the river between the swamp, red woods, and black sands area and it j
  15. (SP, The Island) I took my chances and did the hard water cave. There was a lot of healing involved... but I cleared the cave of most of the baddies and got the artifact. Now I'm only missing one in my collection - the snow cave, which I don't feel ready for. I tamed up a few last minute creatures - 150 Purlovia, an Easter colored Bronto and Dimetrodon, and a Sarco. Did a dino wipe to encourage new spawns because the Rex and Theri spawns have become nearly nonexistent. Bred up and imprinted a new Argy to replace my late friend, who was chomped while patiently waiting for me to get out of
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