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  1. This is nice! But where is the actual update notes...? Like what balances/glitches/map changes did they make?
  2. So far after starting and living in the lunar biome the place is totally op, you can get unrefined gasballs from random rocks, you can kill tek dinos and get all the metal, oil, element, and electronics you want, you can handpick stone, crystal, thatch and wood, and the lunar biome is your playground, run into the gas looking spouts and they lunch you into the air for an easy get away or for just traveling, kill crabs for poly, i have high fortification so the burning barely hurts, and the cold doesn't freeze me, however if there is ever a meteor shower your game gets mega laggy lol
  3. Wyvern cosmetic: different colored breath attacks Add a color cosmetic for wyvern breaths, it should go into the wyverns costume spot and would change the color of their attack's, lightning from the lightning wyvern can be red, fire from fire wyvern can be blue etc, as for where you can get it, I think it should have a percentage to drop from and alpha wyvern, and the costumes could be for a certain type of wyvern, posion/lightning/fire/ice etc I thought about this because of this Christmas event, we have different colored wyverns but their attack is still the same, thank you for rea
  4. Extreme weather effects Extreme weather effects, tornadoes, hurricanes, meteor storms, waterspouts, maybe even seasons for the different weather, tornadoes would tear down and damage wood and thatch structures, and would pull/push flyers in the air, animals that get to close get damaged as well as pushed/pulled, however stone/metal/Tek would be resistant to these weather effects, I have more ideas for these weather effects, please let me know if you want to know more
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