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  1. Mass breeding causes server lag so more lag for this event is to be expected I'm not complaining managarmr and wyvern imprint 33% each time I only needed one wyvern milk the entire maturation I'm about to go try my new mana on an alpha carno I hope it lives up to my standards
  2. While you guys are complaining I'm busy successfully taking down a lvl 135 alpha Rex with a lvl 270 argy on a non boosted official server. All while lagging, glitching, and bugging out. I even took on the broodmother on valguero with that argy and almost won but she despawned in the middle of the fight. How about instead of waiting on Genesis how about keep enjoying the game till one day it magically downloads and appears on your consoles.
  3. Merry Christmas I love this game now if I could just stop accidentally killing my own dinos each time I tame an argy I can see the fear in their eyes they know what I'm capable of haha. PS. lvl 250 argy can not take on an alpha raptor
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