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  1. So nothing announced for Anniversary Event, yet I've got party hat dodos infesting all the maps on my cluster??? Just started seeing them yesterday. Are we the only ones?
  2. If you're going to insult people as "brain dead" cave dwellers, you should at least know the full context and content of those you're trying to insult. Otherwise, that's just insulting bruh. People aren't fed up because WC had to delay a day. People are fed up because of the history of WC delays and how they've done nothing to improve on it... in fact, they seem to only get worse over time. You don't think this delay is WC's fault? Who is responsible for communicating release dates? Who is responsible for making sure their product is complete with enough time to finish the final steps leading up to launch (the apparent certification process that is the cause for this most recent delay)? Who is responsible for knowing everything they need know about how to properly launch their DLC on all the platforms they are attempting to launch on simultaneously, including how long it takes? Of course it's WC's fault and I don't think they themselves would claim otherwise. All that said, none of this really bothers me personally. It seems to bother a lot of other folks though and I understand why. The bad news for WC and just about every other business out there is that COVID-19 won't be a convenient excuse for much longer.
  3. I'm pretty sure the point wasn't that nobody else delays games... it's how WC delays... not many others do it quite like WC. For Genesis 2, it was first supposed to be out in "Winter 2020 / Dec 2020"... then it was pushed out to Spring 2021... then late May... then June 2nd... now June 3 at 8am eastern... I half expect some last minute hiccup to push the time back to 12 or 1pm EST, just for that one last kick in the teeth
  4. If Wildcard only delayed every title once, people would just laugh it off. They really should take a page from Blizzard and become tight-lipped about dates.... They should not mention a single date until it's a couple weeks out... and even then, only after every step is finished (including this certification step that is causing this "final" delay). Just say "Coming Soon". Seems like that will make a lot of folks here happy. Better to have people complaining about not having a date/time than complaining because you couldn't make your date/time.
  5. ARK 2 will be exactly like this. This isn't an issue with the property... it's an issue with the team that created the property. Anything and everything they create will have these same issues unless they change something internally. It's mostly a management issue and a disconnect between marketing, development, and management.
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