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  1. Liking the look of the shigo islands mentioned there. Just wondering if xbox will be getting more maps to play with, or perhaps a rentable server that players can apply for?
  2. Haven't got the DLC yet, gonna wait a bit for the teething pains to die down. But... You said the redwood update for xbox had been delayed; and as you have to go through Microsoft not known for brilliance, speed, or efficiency in it's internal processing (By that I mean paperwork, before people jump down my throat. though I do have to sigh disappointedly at certain Microsoft software) it is entirely understandable to want to get a few more bugs sorted before throwing it into that particular sinkhole. (Which reminds me, can we have some bait types? stuff that increases spawn chance or lure
  3. Anyone got a map pic for where the new biomes and changes are going on in the center? Got a few bases so i'm fairly spred out across the map, looking for a heads up on where to move my valuables.
  4. Sauron is watching this! Look under the dragon, I see his eye! Frodo!
  5. Brain... Meltdown... Must... Have... Map... Plz let me play! When? When? When?
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