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  1. I know all maps, familiar with breeding/pvp/building. Looking for something permanent that I can log onto daily, people to chill with and ideally 18+ but yeah.. hit me up on discord: NoVah#4745 Currently working from home so I have a decent amount of free time right now :} Cheers!
  2. LFM PC Official PVP Cluster - Genesis Heya! We're looking to bring another batch of people into the tribe! We play on an Official PVP Cluster, where one of each map is linked. We main genesis and have the biggest cave on genesis. We're very well established at this point and have completed Gamma Master Controller. What we're searching for: Active Members above all else. We have a nice group of guys and girls who join voice chat and run missions/play with. Breeders. To this point we all kinda chose a dino line or two that would be essential to the map, i.e tek rexes for
  3. official pvp crossark 5, getting 150-250 ping daily now for past week and a half, wtaf. Sometimes maps go down too like the island or scorched earth, no clue what's happening..
  4. NoVah

    Ferox Gestation

    they're showing perfectly fine for me on official pvp..
  5. if you turn on build limitations via helena, it seems to happen when you get to the top of the "boxes" around certain areas, noticed this with bloodstalkers too, in volcano and arctic it's legit a pain in the ass to get around a lot of the time..
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