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  1. Windows XP files still supported in new Windows. It just you cant backtrack. Wildcard can let Legacy players to transfer their character to Official. I would say they are entitled to refund. If you start to play ark a year back and you started on legacy server. There is no notification on client side saying legacy server wont be supported. New players do not know about the crunch or the forum. Wildcard should put notification on the client side about legacy status. If they can put new event notification, it wont be difficult to put legacy notification on client. If you want pla
  2. Tek Teleporter - Alliance Mode can we have option to select tek teleporter only for alliance?
  3. Yea i want more. So you saying you dont need the winter wonderland event because we had a event for 3 weeks. The 8x extralife event is 1 day event and it was during work day and not all player living in same timezone. It called a suggestion and everybody entitled to one. I dont why you being so salty about this.
  4. Well not all live in same timezone. The 9x event is 1 day extralife event during work day. so yeah not all enjoyed it.
  5. 3x Winter Wonderland Suggestion Hello, I will be great if we get 3x during this winter wonderland. Its been a while since we got 3x boost.
  6. Please! can we get 3x this winter wonderland? its been a while we got 3x
  7. Please Add Name of the Player who Claimed the Element Nodes Yesterday i spend around 1hr looking for element nodes and finally found 2 which is side by side. This is my first time doing the element defend. Both of the nodes are easy node. Spend like almost 2hr defending the 2 nodes solo. After complete the defend, i cant harvest the nodes(Vein Locked). Then i realize somebody had claimed the nodes. For god sake please show in HUD when nodes alrdy claimed by who because when i use spy glass it didnt show whether it claimed or not. It takes 3 days for it to decay after u completing it, the
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