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  1. Ark GMs are trash It’s absolutely disgusting how long it takes the GMs to sort out people’s lost characters and other problems in game. Embarrasing.
  2. Character lost, how long does it take GMs? I lost my character while transferring server and submitted a ticket etc and they answered me pretty much straight away telling me to send proof of character (which I did). This was nearly 15 hours ago and I haven’t heard anything, will they get back to me soon or am I going to be waiting for a while?
  3. Are the Asian servers being deleted from PS4? Anyone know?
  4. I have filled out 2 of them mate and I have also emailed them/tweeted them. They don’t get back to you though and our server has been offline for about 1 and a half days now!
  5. Why do Ark take so long to solve problems? Our server has been down for 24 hours now as have other servers and they still haven’t sorted it. :(
  6. Server is down I have reported the server as down to WildCard. It has been down all day, when will it be back up does anyone know?
  7. If I don’t find it, will wild card help me in any way?
  8. Lost character and don’t know server number I have submitted a ticket and I am trying to join every Rag server. Can’t find my 98 character, or my poison wyvern. Help. It wasn’t on my favourite servers
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