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  1. I have this figured out. I've been told; "Ark uses the identical settings for players and tames, but takes the first as the player, the second as tames." So because my dino override is 100, it set my level cap to 50, reserving 50 levels for bosses and chibi advancement. If you override one you must override all. Since this is resolved I hope it helps other people and it can be locked. Hopefully it becomes more intuitive in the future. Thanks.
  2. So my server is having trouble where its level cap is 50 on default level settings. When a player hits level 50 they're suddenly granted a ton of experience (equiviant to being level 90) but then they can't gain any more levels. They get the maximum survivor achievement as well. Is this a known glitch? Is there a workaround? When I set levels "override default player level" and set it to 150 the player jumps to level 90 and can continue leveling normally. If I then set it back to "default" they can no longer level and are stuck at 90. Should I just set it to override and make i
  3. Welcome to Castle Mouse, ultra-casual PVP. We're just here chill and lamp and have a good time playing ark on The Island! There are no mods and this server is epic/steam compatible. https://castlemouse.arkers.io/ https://discord.gg/H2KRnY3K steam://connect/ We're a very laid back PVPVE Island server that encourages community play. We have two rules; Rule one; Don't be a toxic jerk. No racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Be a good sport. We're here to have fun. Rule two; We have a white flag rule about raiding. The TL;DR is if you don't want to raid or be raid
  4. So I'm currently trying to transfer some dinos off of an unofficial public server onto my local system to move into my own server. But the uploads aren't actually uploading properly. They go in the obelisk but they're not "filling slots". On my private server myself and others can transfer dinos and items freely between the server and our computers. But on this other server we can't upload anything. Thoughts on why this might be happening? Item transfers are "on".
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