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  1. Fix the glitches. Especially on old maps. I just watched a bone giga leftover form the f3ar evolved event slide through the ground and vanish two days ago on The Island. Stop releasing updates that break the whole game or just don't work. (Sign glitch, chibi pets, f3ar evolved and turkey trial breaking server loading, etc.) Just put in the effort to playtest updates and make them work. Lag, performance and general lack of quality of life player support sucks. Also the game is so big I can't even fit the main game and any of the free DLC on my SSD. Which means I will have to uni
  2. Still busted it seems. Mine reset yesterday.
  3. Good news! The patch they pushed through last night seems to have fixed this issue. Try updating and using stockings again.
  4. Oh! It sure is a problem with anything with text! I didn't think of that and I tried it. That seems to be a small part of the mystery solved - I can't place signs at all without it crashing.
  5. TBH, that sounds like a totally different problem. The game is running smoothly, otherwise and I'm having no other issues. Though I did have issues getting into a server during F3ar evolved, but no problems during thanksgiving. And no issues getting in right now.
  6. After some testing - all other holiday items seem to be working normally. I can place and remove trees wreaths and snowmen freely. Changing item slots, location or number of stocking in my inventory doesn't stop it from crashing. Removing the item from my inventory entirely and replacing it does nothing as well. Demolishing an already existing stocking was successful but attempting to replace with a new one crashed with the same results. This is on unofficial but no mods are installed.
  7. Stockings crashing game So a few times when I have tried to hang stockings my game has crashed. I've gotten this message. This is a consistent problem - I can't actually select my holiday stockings in the game without it crashing right now. You can see it crashed the exact moment I select my stockings to hang. It says I have 32 holiday stockings in the area (pretty sure that's just 32 holiday items in general though). I wasn't having problems placing items til now.
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