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  1. This problem is not getting answered. This is a situation where there should be monitoring to tell that the server is down, and a script to automatically restart the server. It's not difficult, real companies do this everyday. Don't know what your beef is, but if you're not part of the solution, you're just getting in the way of getting problems solved. You're just interfering with someone else's attempt to get the proper attention when the standard channels are not working. Don't be that person.
  2. Server outage reports have been filled out. Doesn't appear to get us anywhere either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. One of the servers I play on has been down for a few hours. It's really annoying because I had just bred a good batch of babbies and had been hand feeding them for about 20 mins. I ran an nmap scan againsy one of the server ports, and it's reporting back that half life is running on that port. Is something goofy going on with the data center?
  4. So, I looked up Nitrado employees on linked in, there's only 5, and two of them are CEOs. Certainly explains why server stability is an issue. Might be time to start messaging their CEO and tell them to get their act together.
  5. Some people looking to buy the game will check out reviews and the forums to get information about it. Keeping this thread on the front page, despite efforts to sink it, will help people who have not emotionally invested in the game find something better, or may even encourage whoever from Wildcard or Nitrado cares about their product to find out what's going on. At a minimum, this should serve as a warning to anyone looking for private hosting not to use Nitrado's services (You can find the hosting provider by using a geolocator on the server IP), and will hopefully encourage Wildcard to solve the problem before people stop playing and the game stops selling.
  6. While we appreciate your efforts at moderation, I think the frustration many people are expressing here comes down to a few things: 1 - The increasing frequency of the crashes 2 -The lack of communication about the underlying issues 3 - The inability to keep \ maintain game progress after crashes 4 - The fact that apparently the forum moderators don't even get a briefing about the issues and can't post summaries Whatever the technical problem is, it's resolvable. If there's a DDOS issue because people are duping (as suggested by a previous poster), start banning IP ranges, or use a reverse proxy. Using the pandemic as an excuse for the server outages is not the best excuse - online entertainment is seeing a big upswing in profits, steam is selling a lot of games, and this is a critical time for service stability as online entertainment in general is seeing rising profits. It should not be hard to get staff aug for the server room, basic IT skillsets are not hard to find. Asking us to wait patiently, while there is no communication back to the end user is not an effective strategy. It's simply going to increase frustration, which will in turn lower sales.
  7. Read the other posts. The game is burning, and Wild card has no intention of fixing he issues endemic to the game. Lag of 15-20 seconds and server down time of several hours are the norm to be expected. You were probably affected by rollback or lag. It's how the game works, no fix in sight.
  8. This is normal game play in ark at the moment. You will spend more time trying to figure out if the server is lagging or if your server is actually up than playing the game. Notice all the other threads about server crashes and bad performance on the first page.
  9. Need to keep bumping this topic. Will also help to give this game negative ratings on steam, as it does not seem Wildcard has any interest in taking their supplier chain seriously. It's a shame because this a beautiful game that should be fun, but if the servers don't stay up you're not getting what you paid for. Server instability is becoming a horrible issue. Game is unplayable, too many crashes and roll backs. Wildcard needs to publicly acknowledge and address the issue. I do IT for a living, and people would lose their jobs in any other data center with this kind of instability. Wildcards focus seems to be on cute colors and event themes instead of the underlying quality of their game. It's very disturbing, and is very quickly making me regret the time and money I have spent here.
  10. You should expound on this a bit more. I know of a person who lost his character. He had transferred onto the island server I play on, and then the server crashed shortly thereafter. When the server was restored, it was rolled back to before he had transferred. His character was no longer on the island, wasn't on his previous server, and was simply no where to be found. Told him to open a ticket, not sure what became of that.
  11. No, they're just sinking all the performance and uptime related posts to hide how poor of a job their hosting provider is doing. Island server I play on crashed twice over the previous weekend, and was down for almost 20 hours of that weekend. Crashed again last night, right before I was going to go to bed, had to stay up to make sure no one drowned my body and looted my favorite dinos I had in cryo. So there's the double frustration: No one fixing whatever the underlying problem is with these servers, and the mods sinking the issue so it doesn't get the attention it could use.
  12. Not sure who moved my separate topic to this thread, but my question is not related to this. As stated in my post, I have already reported the server outage. I'm wondering about the results. Are the players ever told if the underlying problem is resolved, or are we left to assume someone just reboots the server, and we have to hope the problem magically goes away?
  13. Server Crashes - Is there a public RCA? The Island Server I have been playing on has literally spent more time offline this weekend then online. I have reported the crashes (as have other players), but I would like to know if there is ever an RCA (root cause analysis) done to actually fix the problem, and if that is accessible to players? I'm playing on an NA server, and publicly available geo-locating indicates the IP is in Los Angeles, so I don't believe it was part of the "OC" issue that occurred last night. I'm simply wondering if the particular map I am on is trashed in some way, or if the issue will be fixed. There are definitely bigger problems in the world right now, but it would be nice if my down time was a little less frustrating. It's kind of a "do I stay or do I go" question (about the map, not rage quitting the game).
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