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  1. Meeeh yeah I agree, still many issues "known issues" they cannot hot fix lol... Instead they put all there time into genesis. I had ingame lag throw me past the death barrier and kill myself and mana "lost everything". Just lost 4 giga babies because they game said i was in front of them to cryo them but in reality I was on the other side on the breeding pin cryoing F Breeders. I mean I have shadow of all the BS now if the developers would ever like to see it. then you have then Enforce and Gachca mesh happening, what else oh when you want to fly on a snow owl or mana and the game says your on the dino using it but in reality on your screen your floating next to it lol. I mean mehh great game btw wildcard
  2. Minus Rep "poor game" I wouldnt recommend buying this game for anyone, the time, effort you put into it too be meshed and lose poop, to server NOT synchronizing and the game saying your in front of the vault or replicator or door then poof your dead cause the server doesnt really show where the hell you are. Developers keep coming out with more Worlds yet I can count the issues with game on my hands and feet. I am hear to vent and say for now DO NOT buy the game. It is a great game but slow at being updated.
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