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  1. As usual, Xbox players have to wait and miss 4 days (actually I will miss 5 days due to time zone) of the total event. I was looking forward to this event but now will miss almost a whole week of it and only have one week left, hope WildCard will extend it for the Xbox players
  2. Crystal Isles - No Dinos As the title says it, from the moment it came out on Xbox there are no dinos on the whole map of Crystal Isles. Okay, there a few dodo's but nothing else, the water is just a giant gaping blue hole with nothing in it, the islands are empty. I have even deleted the whole game, rebooted the Xbox and reinstalled Ark and still no Dinos which makes no sense as I see videos of Crystal Isles and it all looks so great but to me the Island doesn't look great at all without any dinos in it, is there maybe a patch up for this?
  3. No Engram Points I just leveled up my character and I didnt get any engram points. I looked to see if there was a update but nothing, Yesterday the game just worked fine but now I don't get the points and had just started a new game. Has anyone else the same problem?
  4. Having the same issue, I have loot drops on the Island but any other map I have zero loot drops. At the moment in Ragnarok for 45 days and no loot, looked at the map where there would be loot drops and waited there for days but nothing. Do hope they have a fix for this..
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