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  1. All good and well but the Winter Wonderland event did not extend for single player on console (at least for me) it ended the 5th for me
  2. The Center - I love the map but for a while now it's broken. There many bugs in it (not that most had ever been fixed - a Itchy could pick up your tamed dodo and haul it off to god knows where and kill it) now the frame rate is laggy and I can't even go into caves as it will just crash and set you back a day or so it wont even go to the last safe. This makes the map rather unplayable - Is there a fix for this or is it just broken and Wildcard wont do a thing about?
  3. As usual, Xbox players have to wait and miss 4 days (actually I will miss 5 days due to time zone) of the total event. I was looking forward to this event but now will miss almost a whole week of it and only have one week left, hope WildCard will extend it for the Xbox players
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