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  1. What is your favorite dino? Hey, I just joined the forums and recently got back into ark after a few month break and was wondering what everyone's favorite dinos were. My personal favorite is the dire bear, and I am interested in what everyone else has to say.
  2. "My only grudge about SP is that there are no known ways to replicate the exact boss settings has seen on a server and thus makes the whole thing extremely trivial. In fact, you can easily beat the dragon/tek cave with tamed creatures in SP, where bred ones are mandatory on a server." All you have to do is type this in your game.ini: bUseSingleplayerSettings=False, or you can uncheck it in the general settings before getting in-game, the settings amps up everything for the player, especially their per level up stats, it also gives an exponential buff to creatures' melee %, making them very overpowered. It also completely buffs baby growth rates, for example, it supposedly gives egg hatch speed 16x and baby mature speed 32x. This is primarily due to the fact since your playing alone, they expect you not to want to waste your time on playing official settings, because there is no competition in SP. But, you totally can disable the setting and go to official settings if you really wanted to, this is how I play, but up the settings, like I do 5x tame, 3x harvest, 50x mature, 50x egg hatch, 2x imprint, etc. etc. Here's where I got most of the information (I knew what it did, but not the specifics.): https://ark.gamepedia.com/Single_Player I hope this helps answer the thread's question.
  3. The only mod that I would use for playing through the lore would be S+, as it just improves all basic building mechanics and has custom .ini settings to, for instance, change the slot sizes of containers, or change the crafting speed. But honestly, there are some cheaty things in the mod like the nanny and mutator. Typically what I do is just edit the game.ini and gameusersettings.ini and i can change the stack sizes of certain items, so it functions as a stack mod, but doesn't lessen the weight to any degree and I just boost the rest of the settings to still be forced to grind, but to a lesser degree of what official players have to deal with (i.e. 5x taming, 1.15x XP, 3x harvest, etc.). Which by the way, here's a link to a list of all the items you can change the stack sizes for: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1739980540122123082/
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