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  1. Hello! Are you looking for a new way to play ARK? A way where you can experience the game in an immersive RPG-like style? With a ton of creative features to keep you busy during quarantine? Well you may have found a good match. The Island of Illeriym server is all of this and more. Our server hosts a multitude of features designed to fully immerse players in the game and set up a rewarding, yet challenging way to play ARK. Create your character in the world of Ethia from six original races, and travel to the Island of Illeriym as you uncover the secrets of the world and crystal mar
  2. This is a great server! After playing this I do not know if I can go back to how normal primitive plus is played much less regular ark. The highly customized engram tree that allows there to be different professions is incredibly immersive. The player driven economy is great and with he inflation and devaluing of the servers currency makes it incredibly real like. 10/10 would and have highly recommend(ed.)
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