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  1. Character Creation not working for Prim Plus For awhile now, the Character Creator slides on Primtive Plus do not work. The sliders do not physically move but still change your character so when you are in game you look like a default model with the only option to customize the colors of your character. When taxidermied though the changes from character creator come through as you place the skin on a stand. This has been going on for atleast a month. Another issue being that female models T Pose while mounted on any saddled tames
  2. Primtive Plus not working due to Genesis Once the new update went through last night, I tried running a single player primtive plus world on my ps4. After 7 attempts, all I got was a CE error over and over. I had someone else do it and it erased ARK from their ps4 all together. Primitve plus is never tested for when updates come out for errors like this and it's annoying to have to keep making reports like this whenever a large update comes out. Please, test for primtive plus atleast once to see if it even works when doing new updates.
  3. Primitive Plus Visual Glitches The ark primitive plus servers on the ps4 are experiencing a visual glitch with the Valguero map. We have had to deal with the flat and texture-less trees since the last "fix" when primitive plus would only load a black screen. Now we have giant red hills and texture-less sand. It is almost like Wildcard is deliberately trying to slowly make Primitive Plus worse and worse until no one plays it so they do not have to fix the constant mistakes they make because no one tests how the big updates will effect us primitive plus players. Prove me wrong by actually i
  4. This is a great server! After playing this I do not know if I can go back to how normal primitive plus is played much less regular ark. The highly customized engram tree that allows there to be different professions is incredibly immersive. The player driven economy is great and with he inflation and devaluing of the servers currency makes it incredibly real like. 10/10 would and have highly recommend(ed.)
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