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  1. Elysian Ark Rp We are proud to announce that Elysian Ark rp is now making a transition to atlas. For those looking to join we are an 18+ heavy role play server that was once one of the most popular servers on Xbox. For those who wish to come with us on our migration to the new game which we are about to release, join our discord to sign up as well as get more information and ask questions on us. https://discord.gg/G9vjPtT
  2. Update: We will be moving to Atlas and a new season will be beginning shortly.
  3. Elysian Ark rp server Elysian Ark rp is a story driven heavy role play server, where all members are invited to mold their creativity into a fun rp experience for everyone. Elysian as it is now has been active for over a year and will likely continue its reign as one of the most active Xbox rp servers. We encourage all people interested in rp to give us a try, whether you are new to the whole frontier, or are a veteran. With a friendly and dedicated mod and admin team we are sure you will enjoy it as long as you are willing to follow the rules. If you have any questions at all or wish to apply join our discord and we will be happy to help out https://discord.gg/G9vjPtT . We hope to see you soon, cheers!
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